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Re-add the Bonita Twin Ribbon handicraft recipe

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Hey there, so I've run into an issue that I haven't seen anyone else mention anywhere else, and have reached out to the support team who has directed me here. So, the Barri normal rewards. As a lot of people already know, Barri drops broken items and repair kits that can be combined using handicraft to create completed versions of the dittes sacred wand, the metal lightning wand, ruyuefeixue's butterfly fan, and most importantly, the bonita twin ribbon. These items drop very rarely to the point that some people think that the items have been removed from the drop table, but I have been grinding Barri normal for a few weeks and have gotten the broken versions of every item, as well as repair kits for all except the butterfly fan, only there's one little problem.
The bonita twin ribbon handicraft recipe is gone.
I have reached out to the support team, who told me the item can only be currently crafted using the tailoring recipe that does not use the ruined bonita twin ribbon or the repair kit at all.
Meaning, the ruined bonita twin ribbon item and the bonita twin ribbon repair kit item that both still drop from Barri normal are effectively useless.
For proof that the recipe is gone, here is a video I recorded, please feel free to try it out yourself.

Now, the forum rules state that if you request previous content to be re-added to the game, you have to provide proof that it was in the game at all. That's a little tough, considering the wiki is not a reliable source, but I was able to find an archived post of the Nexon site proving it was in the game.
If you’re extra lucky, you’ll get a Bonita Twin Ribbon Repair Kit, which will allow you to fully restore (via the Handicraft skill) a broken Bonita Twin Ribbon!
So yes, the handicraft recipe was available a long time ago, but is no longer a feature of the game despite the broken ribbon and repair kit still being available to obtain through Barri Normal.
So why care? I think it sucks that two very rare drops you could spend weeks grinding for just don't do anything anymore, all of the broken weapons and their repair kits are still functional, and I think the ribbon should be too. :) Thanks for reading!


  • MikunennaiMikunennai
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    Update time! So I did find a repair kit for the Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly fan and have confirmed that the handicraft recipe for it that uses the broken fan and the repair kit still works, meaning that all of the broken items and repair kits from Barri Normal still drop, and all of them still work EXCEPT for the ruined bonita twin ribbon + repair kit. The Bonita Twin Ribbon recipe that uses the Ruined Bonita Twin Ribbon and the Bonita Twin Ribbon Repair Kit is still not functional, meaning these items still currently have no actual use. I also did not see this mentioned under the known issues in the new QoL update :( Bring back the recipe!