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[Under Construction] Roundhouse Pizza Store

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Progress: signing lease

"This form doesn't use BBCode! I was lied to!"

WiP Joint Art Shop
Please do not reply yet, setting up

Mabinogi characters only! We only want to draw Mabinogi for Mabinogi (Gold)!!
<insert promo banner here.png>

No first come, first serve- We will reject those we are not confident in drawing, sorry.
We have preferences but these are not mandatory or guaranteed.
Estimated Completion Time: 1 Week to a Month after Payment. Please contact [name] to inquire progress.

MEY the Portrait Artist
<insertgoldcost per person>
Preferences: girls, cute

VID the Sketchy Mini Artist
<insertgoldcost per person>
High Preferences: spiky/fluffy/crazy/hair

<insertgoldcost per person>
Strong Preference: boys

<12:00-14:30, 22:00-1:00 PST>
Please send Full Payment to [name] as a Check, for them to deliver to your chosen Artist to begin your order.

MEY: I can accept half payment, show you sketch progress then accept full payment to finish.
VID&LU: We prefer to start right away after receiving payment.

Can's and Can Not
  • Can do matching pairs (2): artist 1, artist 2
  • No Gundam Mecha (Artist 2: I CAN TRY)
  • No Heavy Gore
  • No NSFW

Name: In-Game Name
Requested Artist: Mey/Vid/Lu
References: Post as Image or working link from reputable source.
Personality: short description of their personality or expression you would like, samples are welcomed
Notes: scars/moles/tattoos located anywhere not in screenshot?

IDEAL ORDER FORM SAMPLE Feel free to add/link multiple references images
Requested Artist: DAT COOL ONE
References: ba53acf8ab33c861a122a40c60cce9e9.jpg?ex=65eee2df&is=65dc6ddf&hm=16334f525ca1ad6db7d78b66e9b90edb6b5f7be586eec27a6700026dd88df7cc&
Personality: Mysteriously and calm, always smiling gently, eyes always closed
Notes: Always carries her parasol, ego spirit (ball of light) sits on top of parasol

BAD ORDER FORM SAMPLE Please don't make us guess
Name: forumusername
Requested Artist: that one
References: c36bf6d628168af1ab89300361dbc264.jpg?ex=65eee1ef&is=65dc6cef&hm=297ac07c9794f07481c67f945aa937c33a6d89df166301ecbff14dfb5e9fdde8&
Personality: <textwall:theirhistory+theirallergy+theirdislike+theirlikes+theirenemy+theirlover+theirsadbackstory+whatschooltheygoto+class+weapontheyusebutyou'renotdrawing+descriptionofrival+theirpet+homestead+generationsummary>
Notes: a really cool scar