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[ G16 Shakespeare: Macbeth ] Last fight & CS

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edited February 28 in Bugs and Glitches
First and foremost, there's a handful of small translation errors nearing the end of Macbeth. Most noteworthy was the Admiral calling Lugh the "Light of Knight", not the "Knight of Light". Minor stuff, not super important, but thought you ought to know.

In the Final fight, even up to
seeing Bella's 'death'
Shakespeare's name is bugged. Funny, but also ruined the immersion of the story because I was too busy laughing.

Lastly, I'm not sure if this was an issue on my end, or some form of glitch/bug. The ending cutscene for Macbeth during the fade to white caused my game to crash. It still completed the quest, but I did miss out on a tiny portion of the cutscene.

This is all I found in regards to Macbeth on my end.