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Event/Sale Heads-Up! 3/14/24

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Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week's heads-up is saying farewell to a sale an event!

To start, the event is the Doki Doki Island. As usual, its presence was short and sweet, but enjoyable all the same. Make sure everybody trades in their Gold Flowers with Karenza for some nice prizes! You can get homestead items, Doki Doki themed pets, outfits... all kinds of stuff! Full list in the link below!

Doki Doki Island:

In keeping with the Doki Doki theme, the sale ending is the Sorbet Wedding Box! There are some pretty fancy outfits inside these boxes, so as usual, if you see something you like, pick up a stack!

Sorbet Wedding Box:

Alright, that's it for the heads-up! Just so everyone knows, VIP is getting an overhaul with the maintenance this week! This isn't just a cash shop side update, we're also getting some UI updates within the game itself, so if you see some new windows, you know why. Hopefully, the maintenance isn't too long for it. Also, for those who already have VIP, unfortunately, there hasn't been any news as to what it will be shifted to yet. If I find out anything, I'll update my post here.

That's all for now! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~