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Event/Sales Heads-Up! 4/11/24

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It's that time again, Milletians!

With Thursday's maintenance, we're saying farewell to the 16th Anniversary Festival of Stars Event! So make sure you're spending those stickers, because they'll be useless once the event is over! I hope everyone has been enjoying the event and its prizes. They're quite pretty! Click the link below for more details!

16th Anniversary Festival of Stars:

We're also seeing the end of a couple of sales, starting with the like-themed 16th Anniversary Package Sale! It has rebirth potions, reforges, training seals and an Arcana 2x EXP potion (hope we'll see these game-side soon), so if you want that, pick one up for 37,500 NX!~

16th Anniversary Package Sale:

The last item ending with this week's maintenance is the Stellar Wings Box gachapon! It's mostly wings in this stack! There are a few consolation prizes, so make sure to look at the prize list before buying! So, as usual, if you see anything you like, pick up a stack! Full drop rates and listing in the link below!

Stellar Wings Box:

That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~