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Bankroll Purification is poorly thought out.

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So, there's currently an event that has modified versions of Avalon Purification missions.

However, the mechanics of it are poorly thought out.

Cleared solo: 4x increase for rewards
The monster has increased health, but lower defensive stats.
Cleared by 2 players: 2x increase for rewards
The monster has increased health, and the same defensive stats as the existing mission.

So, no matter what, the monster has increased health. That's fine.

However, the total rewards for cleared by 2 players is the same as the total rewards for cleared solo. A total of 4x rewards.

However, the cleared by 2 players has a stronger enemy than cleared solo.

The reason why you'd want to do the 2 player version rather than the solo is if you're not strong enough to solo. That makes sense.

Yet the increased difficulty of the 2 player version compared to the solo version negates that benefit almost entirely.


  • EdethaEdetha
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,635
    Posts: 79
    Now that we've seen all portions of the bankroll, there's issues with the second and third section too.

    Regarding the second section:

    This is meant to simulate avalon field raids, but instanced, and with eight people. You also only get reward tokens if the mission is more difficult than the number of reward tokens you currently have, with difficulty capping out at ten. That's right, if it's not more difficult, you get NO REWARDS.

    There's two types of reward boxes. The lesser and the greater. As far as I can tell, the lesser boxes just give more passes. As many passes back as you used to earn the boxes. You're back where you started. You can buy one lesser box for one token, two for two, three for three, etc.. It's just one token per box. The greater boxes have an interesting pricing scheme. One costs six, two costs seven, three costs eight, four costs nine, and five costs ten. But remember, the more coins you hold, the more difficult it is to get a box.

    Yet even these greater boxes have EXTREMELY lackluster rewards. It seems about half of them just hold another pass to do another run. The other half contain stuff that could be from either avalon raids or iria field raids. Most of the rewards I've heard people get are dragon bone fragments, which are nearly worthless. They're worth about as much on auction house as a single shadowmission gold reward.

    Ultimately, the battles are fair and a good difficulty, but the rewards are absolutely terrible.

    Third section

    The third section is meant to simulate apostle raids. The faster you beat it, the greater the rewards.

    For the record, I have all skills to rank 1, and have special upgrade 7 weapons. I'm not top of the line, but I'm not a slouch either. I am powerful enough to solo a HM tech run, but it's difficult. That should give you an estimate of my power. I'm more powerful than most players, yet not top of the line, so keep in mind that me being unable to do it will mean that most players will fare even worse.

    Giragishy: This one's... not bad. I had a tough time there, and was just barely at the 7 minute marker. It's tough, but doable. I fear that lower level players will be unable to clear this.

    Zebach: This one is awful. As far as I can tell, it has DOUBLE the health of normal zebach. If you beat it within 5 minutes, you get triple reward. Otherwise you get regular Zebach rewards. You're also limited to two people inside (Regular Zebach was made with 16 man raids in mind). SO, let's look at this logically. If you're NOT able to clear this Zebach in 5 minutes, you're better off doing REGULAR Zebach, as you'll get the same rewards, AND it'll go faster because it has less health. I was with a friend, who was less powerful than me. Together, we got it down to 50% at the 7 minute mark. Now, I don't know how much of the damage was from me vs from my friend. Let's just for the sake of math assume it was all me. And then we cloned me and had two of me fight the Zebach. We'd win at the 7 minute mark. Oh... That's not enough for the enhanced rewards. I'd be better off running regular Zebach. Attempting to perform this part of the event content is literally WORSE for me than just doing it without the event.

    Hasidim: I have not evaluated this yet. Judgement on this portion is withheld for now.