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Please let Russians play!

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Sorry this is a little play on our Please let Ukrainians play! thread.

Ok so Russia is a waaaaaaaaaaaay bigger region restriction. We're bound to have furious and confused players. A simple notice to Russian players does not explain actually why this is being done or even if it needs to be done at all (because Nexon has a history of being knee jerky). All they have is "In order to comply with regulations in Russia, Nexon America will be implementing restrictions affecting game access from Russia". But we don't know what regulations you are talking about, so lets create some dialog here and maybe it might help alleviate the confusion.

Because this sucks, I'm so sorry for Russian players. My guild officer is russian! :(


  • WliaWlia
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    To be fair im not surprised by this now i do feel bad for all the honest Rusian players (not those who support war tough) but as the war goes on the more i have feeling that Putin slowly changes Rusia into 2nd wall seclosed KLDR and while this is just game and nothing else it still has that america tag to it....yea maybe this all sounds stupid and just inside my head....but than again im czech and by rusia standard we are this point i would not be surprised if i was right...still sorry to all old Rusia old timers this is kinda hard blow..
  • ZlatkaZlatka
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    im going to guess it either has to do with the gachapon gambling model, or the actual content of the game. you should still be able to use a VPN to access the game, right?
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Zlatka wrote: »
    im going to guess it either has to do with the gachapon gambling model, or the actual content of the game. you should still be able to use a VPN to access the game, right?

    It depends where your account was created which can never be changed apparently. We ran into similar issues with Ukraine. A lot of tinkering was done and they couldn't bypass it.

    Disclaimer: Attempting to do this is against their ToS.

    Since Belgium effectively banned loot boxes in 2018 many countries are starting to follow suit by regulating and outright restricting such business practices from operating in their countries.

    We've discussed this problem before on here that eventually Nexon is going to have to change their business model. I've noticed this year that there has been an uptick in gaming companies taking the first steps to limit and steer away from loot boxes. I've also noticed that gaming companies are cleaning up their cash shops to be less abusive and abrasive towards players. Probably for fear of retroactive retribution from litigations that have been cropping up.

    (Nothing towards Nexon NA yet though but I can't say that for Korea's Maplestory cube probability manipulation scandal, eep).

    The problem is that Korea is still operating under that business model and thus NA does as well. NA is unable to change much from what KR allows them to publish here.

    There has even been discussions of regulation in America, such as age restriction which would be 21 and up which is the same age for gambling in our country. That would make a significant dent in NA's revenue if something like that was to pass.

    What this boils down to is Nexon has got some soul searching to do because this is going to be unsustainable in the next few years. More countries are going to follow suit, this is inevitable as the economy continues to change. Gaming companies are indeed taking the first steps to steer away from this business model and they should do the same. Otherwise Nexon's staff is going to undergo "restructuring" again. Because companies, especially in America would rather kick someone to the curb than actually fix their excrement.

    However at this time we don't even know if this region block is about loot boxes. lol.

    (This comment has been archived).

    It could be about loot boxes, it could be that the US has sanctions against Russia right now. Why not both? :D
  • Nyan_the_CatNyan_the_Cat
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    As long as this is only IP ban, it's fine. I am sure Nexon can survive without my occasional purchases either.
    But this is actually be a result of internal restrictions in Russia as government revoked license from one of the banks that specialized on small transactions abroad not so long ag.