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A Question for Oldtime Mabi EU players

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in General Chat
Mabi EU was the European install of Mabinogi which was discontinued. The result was that the IP-block on European players was lifted and they were invited to join Mabi NA which, starting with this action, became the de-facto Mabi World install allthewhile, ironically, being the smallest install of the game.

My understanding is that Mabi EU had two servers, and that one of them took the lions share of the player base. Over time they had issues with player retention. To deal with cost issues, I read somewhere that Mabi EU decided to reduce the number of channels. Remember, each channel is housed in an actual physical server. The result was that the player base reacted negatively to that because it made the game appear to be dying and so, in Europe, it died. Mabi NA faced the same problem and essentially dealt with it in the same way but here the action was server merges. The thing about server merges is that they are a way to reduce the number of channels but it is done so by disguising it behind the merge. The first merge reduced the total number of channels from 28 to 17. The second reduced to from 17 to 10. My question, for the old Mabi EU players, still here, could a server merge have saved the install of Mabi EU?
  1. Could a server merge have saved Mabi EU?1 vote
    1. Yes; as it did here, it would have there.
       0% (0 votes)
    2. No, it was inevitable, in Europe
       100% (1 vote)