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Broom doesn't Sweep when asked (new Event)

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When I first logged into the event, got my broom, etc.. everything seemed fine. It swept up for me twice with no issues. Now, it won't sweep up anything else. I have tried in different towns/locations, tried logging in and out, tried on different days, but still nothing. Is this intermittent sweeping part of the event, or is my broom broken :( (or, am i doing something wrong lol).
Please help :)


  • ElebonElebon
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    Hi @Felitra

    Make sure that you're using the event broom that is given to you by the Street Sweeper. Regular Broom Pets won't sweep up the event item you need, unfortunately. Sweeping also has a cooldown (about 1 minute), so be sure to let your pet take a break after sweeping! You should be sweeping up an item called "Junk in the Trunk" which is a 1x1 consumable item. If you're still having issues, can you provide a video?