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Can't Drink Mana Potions

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in Technical Support
During this last weeks I started wondering why my mana still hasn't replenish even if I used Mana Potions, I assumed it was because I forgot how much mana certain skills require. But thanks to this new Event I could see that my mana potions aren't actually "working".

So if I press "J" I should have a mana potion used to replenish my mana, but it isn't happening. I checked if there was a different key in the options but it's still J. I tried even putting a stack of potions in the skill-bar but it says I have NO mana potions of that kind (even if I actually have them), the only way I can replenish my mana with mana potions is manually clicking in the potion and press "Use"; but it's not something you can do while spamming dungeons/shadow missions.