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LF> Elite Mobilizing/Lingering/GoP

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
As the title says, though I'm not entirely hopeful, I'm looking for folks who have spare elite passes of Mobilizing the Expedition, Lingering Darkness, and Ghost of Partholon, and who wouldn't mind either dropping me in or running along with me.

The primary reason is to obtain the Birnam Plate Set manuals, I've already gotten the boots but locating the rest of the set is proving difficult to annoying, since Ciar ADV HM was amalgamated into a single pool, and finding people to do Jousting might not be possible in comparison. I'm still cursing the fact that conflict doesn't drop Tara Elites.

If anybody has said passes and is willing to help, Note/Add Vashanka. I'd be mighty appreciative.


  • CaissaCaissa
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    You should consider stopping by the weekly Jousting Tournament and seeing if anyone will sell one to you. I assume many of the Jousters have spare Jousting Points they aren't using.