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More skill slots and pet search

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edited March 29, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
NOTE: I understand there are people who previously made posts similar to my ideas, thank you for pointing them out. I'm not a big forum lurker, so if you comment about them, I appreciate it. I'm not mad and don't take it as a complaint. I figure that the more people maybe bring it up, maybe Nexon will take notice?

WARNING: More crappy drawings/diagrams. Am sorry.


People have a lot of skills, so I was thinking maybe we could add more skill slots? Instead of two for the top hot keys of F1 to F12, we could have four. And for the hot keys labeled 1-0 with - and +, instead of 8, 12?

Then there's the "Extra skill slot 1/2" which has 16 slots going vertically down the screen as opposed to the horizontal across the top.
I was thinking maybe we could have an extra skill slot 3 and 4?
Aside from the skills, there's also the many.. many... MANY pets we all end up getting because Nexon likes to throw our awesome pets/partners and it hurts us not having the room to hoykey them all. (At least, it hurts me, lmao).

There's also an idea I had for a pet search, similar to what out inventories have with the "Search" bar, but in order to access it we could have a hotkey for "G" or something. (I don't know if "G" does anything really in mabi already, but yeah).
The search is simple, input what item you're looking for and then a small box with a list of pets that have that item or an item similar to it would appear. The box with pets names wouldn't disappear if the pet is summoned or unsummoned. It stays till you close the window with a little "x" button (Like Character, Skills, Inventory, Friends list, etc have).
This makes looking for the item much easier, especially for people like me. Where, if I get distracted, I forget what I was looking for, and writing it down is irritating because then I end up with post it notes all over my desk (send help, I am drowning in sticky paper).

If anything could be added to further improve the idea, I appreciate it.

Thank you.