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Lati's Buying/Selling List

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edited April 6, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
Please note or add ingame for any items below. Thank you.


- R1 Oblivion Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs (Elf Female) - 1.5mil
- R1 Belmont Wear (F) - 1.5mil or NMO, any roll
- R1 Belmont Shoes (F) - 1.5mil or NMO, any roll

- R1 r5 Untamed Girgashiy Taunes MK3 (gacha grade, I can unlock) - no CO, BO 15mil?

- Flowery Festival Hairpin (F) - 1.5mil
- #000000 Fixed Metal Color Dye Ampoule (black) - 800k
- #000000 Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (black) - 800k
- #3561f1 Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (sapphire blue) - 500k
- #00FFEE Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (cyan) x9 - 150k/ea
- #FF6200 Fixed Color Dye Ampoule (bright orange) - 200k
x Homestead Cute Baby Dragon - 2mil (SOLD)
- Homestead Docile Baby Dragon - 2mil