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Any guilds? I'm new and know nothing about guilds

Mabinogi Rep: 300
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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello! I'm extremely new to mabinogi and know nothing about guilds. Are there any guilds that would be patient with a newbie like myself? Also if someone could explain a bit about guilds that would be greatly appreciated.


  • HaneHane
    Mabinogi Rep: 630
    Posts: 14
    A guild is a group of people who banded together for one reason or another. Could be for combat reasons, looking for people to do stuff with, merchanting or just more social aspects of the game. Generally people within a guild will try to help each other out with missions and simply becoming stronger overall. (Though that doesn't apply to all guilds of course.) xD

    Liyeta already posted basically everything unique to guilds in the comment above, but, there's also a guild robe which can be slightly customized (by the guild leader) that everyone can purchase and wear for a small price. Oh and lots of guilds look for people to voice chat with, so, that's always a plus if you're into voice chatting instead of typing.

    Hope it helped you understand them a bit better! And sorry if that was unnecessary. q W q
  • RikashiRikashi
    Mabinogi Rep: 850
    Posts: 17
    The two above me pretty much said all there is about guilds. I'd add tho that guilds have stones spread out through world of Mabinogi (better known as Erinn) which are used to join guilds, as well as contribute any Guild Points (GP) to your guild. Those are usually used to change or advance different things relating to the guild.

    If you're looking for a guild note me in game IGN:Rinmoto my guild Mobsters are pretty friendly and I can show you the ropes too xD.