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Big Sale List

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edited April 10, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
A lot can be found in house, w.e is not please note me in game, feel free to note me for offers/trades or ask about bundles, most prices can be negotiable.
IGN: Analyly

~8m Tribal Bird Robe

~7m Battleborn Outfit (F)
~5m Honeycomb dress
~5m Devil Costume Set (no gloves)
~4.5m Waffle Witch Dress
~3.5m Justice Suit
~3.5m Colton Hunting Outfit
~3.5m Star Piece Suit (F)
~2.5m Pumpkin Bat Costume
~2.5m Alice Dress
~2m Battle School Uniform (F)
~2m Star Rider Suit
~1.5m Gamyu Wizard Robe (F)
~1m Ophelia's costume
~1m Ring-Type Mini Leather Dress (F)
~1m Riding Suit
~500k Butterfly Suit
~150k Broken Horn Uniform (for giants)
~100k Preschool Uniform

~2m Waffle Witch Hat
~2m Star Hairpin
~1m Ronin Wig (F)
~1m Royal Rose Hairband (F)
~1m Femme Fatale Hat (F)
~1m Laced Headdress
~750k Tropical Snorkeling Goggles
~500k Heart Queen Shoes
~500k Autumn Fields Hat (F)
~500k Tropical Pineapple Hat
~500k Refined Medium wig & Glasses
~500k Elegant hanbok hair
~500k Patissiere Hat and Wig (F)
~500k Pierrot Wig
~200k Halloween Vampire Hat (M)
~200k Colossus Helm
~100k Shaved Ice Hat

~200k Lugh's Vambraces

~750k Vanalen Rain Boots (F)
~750k Snorkeling Flippers
~750k Bellfox Shoes (F)
~500k After School Shoes (M)
~500k After School Shoes (F)
~500k Patissiere Shoes (F)
~500k Atui Shoes
~500k Nosuri Shoes
~250k Royal Academy Ribbon Loafers (F)
~150k New Semester School Shoes (M)

~1m Cobweb Pouches (ask for bundles)
~1m Large wool bag (ask for bundles)
~850k Thick Thread Ball pouch
~850k Thin Thread Ball Pouch

~1m Reload Training Potion
~899k Shadow Bind Training potion
~750k Flash Launcher Training Potion

~800k Demonic Dream Catcher
~800k Student Pierrot Mini
~500k Sun Prophet Colt (No Rank)
~300k Dowra Golden Gun (No Rank)

~3.5m Nao
~1m Awakened Tarlach
~1m Culinary Artist
~1m Treasure Hunter
~1m Red Dragon
~1m Master Lich

~5m Katsune Hagi Mini Gem
~5m Weird Gummy Bear
~2m Be Careful of Icy Roads Title Coup.
~1m Full Balloon (Orange)
~100k Caravan Joe Tea Table
~100k Royal Crystal Bow App. Scroll
~90k Royal Crystal Sword App. Scroll

Female Hair:

~Sinead hair beauty (F) [IN STOCK]
~Halloween Frankenstein hair (F) [IN STOCK]
~Ribbon hair beauty (F) [IN STOCK]

Male Hair:
~Paris hair (M) [IN STOCK]
~Tybalt hair (M) [IN STOCK]
~Warrior Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
~Hamlet Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
~Straight Medium Cut (M) [IN STOCK]
~Sporty Cut (M) [IN STOCK]
~Mushroom Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
~Romeo Hair (M) [IN STOCK]
~Soft Perm (M) [IN STOCK]

~Chic city stickers eye [IN STOCK]
~Innocent bright eyes [IN STOCK]
~Stargazing eyes [IN STOCK]
~Starlight eyes [IN STOCK]
~Heat-filled eyes [IN STOCK]
~Observant eyes [IN STOCK]
~Determine eyes [IN STOCK]
~Rag doll eyes [IN STOCK]
~Serene eyes [IN STOCK]
~Unfocused eyes [IN STOCK]
~Emaciated eyes [IN STOCK]

~Playful teasing mouth [IN STOCK]
~Small animal mouth [IN STOCK]
~Smirking mouth [IN STOCK]
~Vigilant mouth [IN STOCK]
~Super sour mouth [IN STOCK]
~Airy cheeks mouth [IN STOCK]
~Dissatisfied mouth[IN STOCK]
~Cute animal mouth [IN STOCK]
~Mischievous cat mouth [IN STOCK]
~Shooting star face [IN STOCK]