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Mabinogi's Wiki and Wiki Tools


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited May 21, 2019
    Page 1's Extended Guide Page

    Shoog's Example Of Correct Image Submission
    Make sure to PM @Shoog or @Kadalyn for any further questions regarding image setup.
    View the dimensions, file type, and metadata in this link to see how an image on a Completed page should look.

    Feel free to use this guide thread to ask any questions to page or image information which you can't find on the Wiki forums.
    I'm positive someone will respond with the answer you seek.

    Who To Contact On The Wiki:
    Active Users List
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited April 1, 2017
    [Reserved for further thread status update]

    4/1/17 Status Update
    -Editing the edits, may be ongoing until everything's perfect.
    -Played around with the new format buttons, so please excuse the #SoProfesh way of the OP layout. It should be fixed now.
    -I've hit the character limit just by the alignment alone, and if I could post more image submission examples I would.
    -Just in case the old forum here gets deleted, I added something I couldn't fit into the OP in my first comment on page 3.
    (Tried to screenshot that comment Shoog, but it just didn't want to work for me. Quoting or editing a locked thread comment is impossible.) (I'll add a list of more Wiki Volunteer members you can contact for Q&A later)
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited May 21, 2019
    Oof, my guide needs guidance. Will have to update everything at some point.

    5/21/2019 Status Update
    -Dead and broken links were snipped.
    -IRC Link has been removed due to it not being trusted on my computer. (Can add it again, if the link is ever updated.)
    -Discord convenience has been added.
    -Volunteer Information sounds more friendly, and informative.
    -Actively added in the link to the Active Users List
    -Any Wiki volunteers who DM me with additional information will be adhered to the best of my ability.
    -Glossary San wants Volunteer Senpai to notice her.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited September 23, 2019
    9/23/2019 Status Update
    -Found a year old Wiki Tutorial on Youtube, will list more here as I find them.

    Seven year old videos on how to super zoom:

  • Atheist42Atheist42
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    edited October 6, 2019
    Hazurah wrote: »
    the hardest part is measuring the dungeon changes since that huge patch

    And over 2 years on from that quote, there's still not much progress on that. The thing is, since that update, playing Uladh dungeons isn't an efficient use of gaming time. When I've got time to do stuff on the wiki, I don't look for a random page that needs updating and work on it. I work on pages that I personally use or need. So, I'm altruistic enough to try to improve the wiki for the benefit of the community, but still selfish enough to only work on the bits that are also of some help to me. I suspect a lot of editors are like me. So, if you find some part of the game that's been around for many years, and it's not well documented on the wiki, chances are it's a part of the game you should consider ignoring.

    If Nexon greatly increased the combat power of mobs in Uladh dungeons, so that most of us could earning experience from them and use them for completing training requirements involving strong, awful or boss mobs, then we'd probably find people would start playing Uladh dungeons more and wiki editors would start updating the relevant wiki pages.

    And I don't mean to imply that being a partially selfish editor like me is a bad thing. We've all got time constraints and any accurate edit is a good thing for the wiki. Nor do I mean to imply that all wiki editors are like me. There are some truly selfless people who work on the wiki, or maybe they are obsessive compulsives who just can't stop themselves from trying to complete the wiki. Whether their efforts are due to extreme altruism or a mental health issue, I'm very grateful that they chose to work on "our" wiki! :)

    (But seriously, if it is an obsessive compulsive thing for you, try to take some time away from the wiki and go talk to your doctor about it. I appreciate your work on the wiki, but I'd be happier if the wiki has a few gaps but you get healthy.)