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Faybal's Buy & Sell List!

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edited April 22, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
;) IGN: Fabledblade :D
Note/Add/Mail :D

*Prices may change or vary depending on many factors, such as current gacha & its contents, Events & drops, etc.*

:* Buying! :D
(1) Shenon 2nd title (Not the Sion and Shenon Friends forever) -1m
Any Gach transformation 100k Mail :D
Any of the following Event 'Garden/Floral' Homestead Items: 50k-100k Mail
Homestead Gardening Shelf
Homestead Floral Garden Trellis
Homestead Garden Trellis
Homestead Hyacinth Flower Pot
Homestead Red Rose Flower Box
Homestead Red Rose Flower Pot
Homestead White Rose Flower Pot
Homestead Rapa Flower Patch (Whole)
Homestead Rapa Flower Patch (Partial)
Homestead Morning Glory Flower Basket
Homestead Tulip and Morning Glory Trellis Box
Homestead Tulip and Morning Glory Flower Box
Homestead Garden Workbench
Homestead Floral Wheelbarrow

:# Selling! :D
(2) Ferghus Doll bags (Open and droptrade) -1m ea
(1) Mari Doll bag -1m
(1) Millia's Exploration boots -800k
(1) Metal fire wand (Clean)- 500k
(2) Chicken Robe - 500k/ea *** Shoes will come with it*** (And so does that giant fork thing)