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[Release] MabiCrystal, little administration tool

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edited April 20, 2017 in Art Creations
Hi guys :) well this is a little tool what i just made, but wth is MabiCrystal?

MabiCrystal is a little administration tool what in essencial, tell you if is worth buy these shadow crystals on sale or not.

Only need to select what shadow crystals you will buy, how many of them, the price and the most important, how much gold will you win per shadow mission (example, buy 50 potent shadow crystals, in $2,000,000 gold and you will spend all them runing Lord Caverns, what it means $34,000 gold per run)

And that's all, show you the efficient proffit what you could made. I hope you guys enjoy it, i will made some changes whit the time (like add all the shadow missions and rewards.... jezz).

Se you next time ^^