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Best Fine leather farm?

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in Tarlach Chat
so im at rank 5 Blacksmithing. thanks to the new AP training. i was at rank 8 only a few hours ago. however ive run into a snag..... Im all out of fine leather for fine leather straps.
where is a good farm location for fine leather? i just did math dungeon and the kobolds in there despite the wiki saying they drop fine leather. didn't drop a single piece after 2 runs. only cheap and common dropped and in abundance might i add. i need to get alot of fine leather to finish blacksmithing to rank 1.

also if anyone on Tarlach is willing to Donate or help me get a large supply of Fine leather or fine leather straps. itd be greatly appreciated. otherwise im willing to buy them off you.

Ign: foxegirl


  • MarithMarith
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,805
    Posts: 121
    Kobolds do drop fine leather in relatively reliable rates, just a spot of bad luck on your part.

    Also, shadow missions tend to have a high rate of leather dropping. For finest leather I go to fomor attack hard, the shadow wizards drop a lot of finest.

    For fine specifically, that's hard to peg down. SCC int/adv might be a good zone. Unfortunately I believe drop rate is decreased on mobs with normal/weak/weakest relative cp to you.

    My suggestion, if you're really wanting to do it quickly, is throw up a party ad on ch7 for 5,000g a leather, if you can afford that.
  • AeolysAeolys
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,115
    Posts: 469
    You can rank up Ingredient Hunting (in the same time you are hunting leather). The skill will make everything have a chance to drop leather, including things that normally wouldn't drop anything. Also: incoming donation.
  • ashcatchemalashcatchemal
    Mabinogi Rep: 640
    Posts: 37
    Hello if I get any leather ill send your way. Also I have a friend that also helps get items you can note her in game


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