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Old School Flashy Dye (And new flashy?) Gacha

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in Item/Premium Shop
I would love to see a gacha where the dyes that us old-timers used to know and love through rebirth are able to easily be gotten again.

Some dyes that I'm referring to:
Red-Black fast flash via Tir RB
Various White flashes from Tir, Quilla, Filia and Vales
White-Pink flash via Filia RB
Red-Purple flash via Vales RB
Purple-Black flash via Vales RB
Blue-White flash via Filia RB
Blue wave flash via Quilla RB
Blue-Green fast flash via Vales RB
Green-Black flash via Vales RB

I really miss these dyes, and I miss when flashy dyes were uniform rather than the ugly stuff we see from dye wells. I would go ham on a gacha filled with these old school flashies.


  • Sphyra21Sphyra21
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,440
    Posts: 502
    yeah I definitely miss the blue wave flashy (via Filia RB)
    for the longest time it was the ONLY flashy dye I liked. Even saved up enough gold to buy 1 and held onto it till I could get myself a Karis Wizard Suit. Which I did not get till 1 year or so later.
  • healruairihealruairi
    Mabinogi Rep: 830
    Posts: 12
    It was from Filia? Maybe it was from both Quilla and Filia! I've hoarded 9 of those flashy so far. Need moar pls Nexon, been loyal player since beta :c
  • BerrySwirlBerrySwirl
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,875
    Posts: 782
    Yess for purple-black and pink-white!!!