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Got a Custom Artwork Made of my Mabi character.

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edited May 22, 2017 in Art Creations
My Mabi character.

The Artwork.

a few things were changed and pretty much what you see in the artwork is what my char is really meant to look like. but do to some of the stuff missing from Mabi. or just not being there in the first place. is made out in the picture. so that is the whisker's, the collar with a bell. and the Digitigrade Hind Paw's. and this one work of art only cost me $4 CAD. and the artist is Very nice and talented.

if anyone is interested in getting your char made you can contact him here.

DISCLAIMER: warning however. he is a furry artist so his specialty is in animal like character's he struggles with making human characters. only reason hes able to make mine is because shes for the most part. very close to being a furry. and only really resembles a human by the face structure and the body structure. beyond that dont be surprised if he turns down your request. his prices are actually also very cheap. he does both full body. and head portraits.

anyway give me your thoughts on it.


  • HarukariHarukari
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    Hey pretty awesome! Really like it.
    But this should be in the Fan Creation Section

    All the artists/People looking for art is there :D