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How many more years do you think Mabi has left?


  • XiokunXiokun
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    Aeolys wrote: »
    I want someone to name a MMO where you do not sit in place and soak damage while hitting a sequence of HittingSkill1 to HittingSkill9 until target dies.

    You deserve a trophy. This is why I can't play any other mmorpg but Mabinogi for a long period of time. That annoys me to no end. All these fancy trailers of cool super sparkly graphics and people fighting with awesome skills all to jump in the game, spend an hour on character creation, and then oh look! More predictable story and fetch quests with smash-the-number-keys repeatedly combat.

    But the only mmorpg I can think of where you DON'T do that... is Onigiri. At least you can dodge and hop and skip around a lot more than your typical mmorpg. But the TOTAL lack of character customization really peaves me. :S
  • NamiriNamiri
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    edited June 1, 2017
    Aeolys wrote: »
    I want someone to name a MMO where you do not sit in place and soak damage while hitting a sequence of HittingSkill1 to HittingSkill9 until target dies.

    There probably aren't any. Well not unless you want to count things like MOs with a higher focus on action combat where everything is totally 100% instanced based outside of a town/lobby where you take quests. Seems they often get branded as MMOs but I refuse to call them as such. Since they're really not MMOs if they're not massively multiplayer.

    Well as far as MMOs specifically go though I think part of the reason they're usually always like how you described is to give a reason for having a role system. Since in those sort of MMOs you generally have the "holy trinity" of Tank, Healer, and DPS. The Tank holds aggro while soaking up damage, the Healers heal, and the DPS dish out the damage. If there was no need to sit in place soaking up damage then there would be no need for the Tank or a dedicated Healer role.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited June 1, 2017
    YianKutKu wrote: »
    Not everything has to or should be Black Desert Online quality.

    I think people just want the older models to be updated to be on par with the current ones, I don't think they're asking for an overhaul to that extreme.

    Me though, I just want humans and elves to have updated models like the Giants got tbh. I'm tired of these ugly N64 block hands with the fingers just painted on and absolutely no muscle tone unless I wear my Basic Briefs. You'd think hauling around all these heavy weapons and using bows would tone us up a bit! xD

    Currently it's like...

    Humans and elves                       Giants
       OtmDMU2.png                    BgYMn9X.png

    I remember when humans had block bewbs, then elves came out and everyone freaked out because their bewbs were round. Then a few years later they smoothed out human bewbs. Humans have an updated model already.
  • RoytonRoyton
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    edited June 2, 2017
    I'm somewhat surprised it lasted this long and then again I'm not.
    Mabinogi is a very unique game and had a strong following in its early years. This makes a strong fanbase.
    But a strong fanbase will still dwindle if the devs won't spice things up now and then.
    Here's my opinion on what might've been good and bad for Mabinogi.

    Things that may kill Mabinogi:
    More gear in gachas, no server merges, making the game easy mode(again).
    Gachas: Cool clothes and weapons in gachas are okay, but every new gacha seems to hold ALL of the new equipment.
    Maybe spread some of that around an NPC shop or something? Make it a very hard set to tailor or blacksmith?
    Server population: It's no mystery, and we can't ignore it. Mabinogi's population has decreased.
    How about we decrease the amount of channels or even servers we have?
    And empty game isn't going to look too pleasing when the game is about socialality.
    If you can't find anyone in this type of game people will leave.
    Easy mode game: I agree that this is good to a point, But I'm getting tons of AP with no effort compared to gen 14 and below. And it keeps getting easier.
    If the game gets anymore like this I'll even leave. Easy game no effort = no feeling of accomplishment = why play if I didn't earn much of it?

    Things that may save Mabinogi (or atleast make it past the 5 year mark):
    Different ways to bring back the "social" aspect that Mabinogi grew on, some type of endgame content, an optimization people have been asking for
    Bringing back social: Outside of dungeons and other raid type activities, the social aspect drops a lot.
    Sure go to dunny and talk, but where's the social activities ?
    The devs creating the MusicQ was amazing. But that's music, not everyone does that. Some events also do it right.
    So right that I believe some should actually stay ingame. Doki Island, carnival events, and others like these should be around more often.
    Doki would be nice to always visit, along with all it has to offer, And carnivals would be amazing during weekends.
    Perhaps even revamping old social aspects of the game. Make campfires worth huddling around again. Stat boosts while near them would be great.
    PvP is sorta dead outside of 1v1 battles in dunbarton. I would say take old pvp arenas out, put a new, "official" large scale PvP arena ingame. Give it features like 1v1s, large scale GvG, Free for all, or even tag-team.
    It would draw a good amount of people and would make a good type of endgame for some.
    Optimization and updates on older content: Mabinogi is old. But it still gets new content often. This is good. But what about when the game was just starting?
    The older stuff starts to look out of place I would think. Old grass textures from 2006 next to my shiny G20 armor. Sure is weird IMO.
    People have been suggesting a bit of an overhaul on visuals for some time now.
    Their right to think this. A company called Blizzard once did this to their game and the playerbase loved it.
    Ofcourse I can see why this is also hard for the devs of Mabinogi to do this.
    Their game is many several times smaller than WoW, but Mabinogi's team is many many several times smaller than Blizzards.
    It's really up to them on what they want to focus on. And a dying game may not be worth it to them anymore.
    Then again I don't know much about their income or the state of their main Japan server health.
    But hey I'm not saying to go all out and revamp it all. Maybe reskin a few shoes, put some detail in old gloves.
    Possibly enhance a few floor textures and trees? Have you compared Morgant to Awakening Tarlach?

    So yeah there you go. As the game is now I'd give it a little less or a little more than 4 years before it starts to really dwindle severely.
    When that time comes I would totally be onboard for a game sequel. Mabinogi 2 WAS heading in the right direction. But the game-type was just very off, and no one liked it.
    It's best to know why a game was popular to begin with.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
    Mabinogi Rep: 64,210
    Posts: 8,868
    Actually the stamp rally event helped with that. It was nostalgic to see people harvesting wheat in Tir. ^_^

  • SaiSai
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    edited June 2, 2017
    Aeolys wrote: »
    I want someone to name a MMO where you do not sit in place and soak damage while hitting a sequence of HittingSkill1 to HittingSkill9 until target dies.

    RedMoon Online. That game was such fast pace grinding. You basically run around the whole map killing things as they respawned as fast as you could. Never stopping. Never resting. Inventory of 1,000+ HP/MP restoring items to keep you going. Normally you move place to place so fast you don't have time to watch them die or loot them until you ran by the same path again. 1 hitting groups of enemies with an AoE was prefered, so I can't say anything about the last part.

    I could come up with more older ones. I couldn't list a modern one tho.
  • SylekSylek
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    Posts: 166
    Before the AP update, I'd say that getting all of that AP would be pointless if you didn't train the skill to begin with. Now you only have to do 30% of the work, then just throw AP at it. It does help a lot with especially grindy skills, such as magic craft. But a lot of people seem to hate it.

    Social and other non-end game features will definitely help Mabinogi survive longer. If they only keep tacking stuff onto the end, they're only catering to the players that are going to end up whining about beating it too quickly and impatiently wait for the next end to be tacked on. Adding stuff like Mafia and Fiesta were great ideas, and it was really easy to get a full party into a game of Mafia. Now you're lucky to find a party for Mafia and Fiesta is empty.
  • RheyRhey
    Mabinogi Rep: 10,175
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    edited June 5, 2017
    I remember there was a guy who spent over $50k irl money on dis game. If people like him are still around I doubt the game will do down anytime soon. I've spent a brand new car's worth on this game myself. Hopefully it'll stick around till I'm an old man. :(
  • FloristFlorist
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,535
    Posts: 89
    This question scares me.

    A game I've been playing for many, many years will always be hard to let go of. Even with all of the AFKing for events, or just too busy with my real-life to do anything other than afk; I enjoy this game very much. I always have faith in the population regenerating, greater events, and even good content. But there's too many people who have given up waiting for it.

    This game is unique, it's very different from any other MMO's I've seen/played. I love the combat system. I love the freedom we have into ranking literally whatever skill we please, at any given time. I enjoy the adventuring to other continents, even if there's nothing to really do because we've done it all thousands of times..

    No matter how many years are left,
    I hope there's enough.
  • FreebirdFreebird
    Mabinogi Rep: 410
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    edited June 5, 2017
    This game was implicitly a subscription based game (with having to purchase rebirth cards and the such- free RBs weren't available until G4 or so IIRC). I'm not sure why it wasn't just a straight up sub or B2P with a free trial. It probably would have made much more sense.

    Mabi probably still has one or two years left before it gets cut, though that's a pessimistic estimate. I believe one of the main problems is working with a nearly 15 year old game engine. Now, old isn't necessarily bad, but having to work with antiquated tools is frustrating and can limit the possibilities of what developers can do. It wouldn't surprise me, knowing how companies are usually behind the times, if they are using Turbo C++ or something (lol) for development.

    One of the main things I remember from pre-G4 (I've played mainly pre-G4, but also on and off every few months) was that everybody was around the same level of progression. If you wanted to do Ciar, all you had to do was open a party with "Passhunt" and you'd instantly fill up to the party cap. And it didn't matter too much if you were bad at it, because everyone was kind of bad at the time. But that? It just doesn't happen nowadays.

    It's easy for me to recommend a total overhaul or a direct sequel (no, not you, Mabi 2 that's really just Invictus), but that takes time and money. Lots of money, which would be virtually impossible to convince investors to spend.
  • GretaGreta
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    edited June 5, 2017
    Oh gee stop bumping this silly thread. It's full of FUD.
  • NamiriNamiri
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,700
    Posts: 112
    Freebird wrote: »
    Mabi probably still has one or two years left before it gets cut, though that's a pessimistic estimate.

    I personally think you're wrong. Given that when I quit the game 4 years ago I thought the game had become stagnant and surely would not possibly last more than 1 or 2 years. Yet here we are 4 years later and the game is very much so still alive. In the end I was proven wrong in my assumptions all those years ago and returned to the game. Because I discovered that what is truly stagnant and never changing is the rest of the MMORPG market. Even despite how long Mabinogi has been out there has yet to be even one single other MMORPG with combat like it. Which is kind of sad really given it's got the best combat of any MMORPG in my opinion.

  • FoolieCooleFoolieCoole
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,175
    Posts: 93
    Maybe mabi will die when it stops getting good. I reforged my lance from 18 main target damage to 19 main target damage with 38 reforges I ain't even mad, the game so good.