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xxyukimoxx's Selling & Buying List (:

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edited July 25, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
:) Selling :)
:) Holy Water - 50k ea stack
:) 100 Prof Firewands - 300k ea
:) Garbage Herbs 10k ea

*you can check my house for these items*

:D Buying :D
:D Nightmare Enchant- 6m (need two)
:D Black Fog Enchant- 6m
:D Foretold Enchant -
:D Marquis Enchant/Burn - 8m
:D Lucky Rabbit's Foot- 5k ea, 250k stack (spam mailbox pls)
Feel free to note me in game :)

IGN: xxyukimoxx

Last updated:
July 25, 2017
1:56 PM PST