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Giant has strongest range

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in General Chat
Did some calculations and damn throwing attack is strong

Bhafel hunter/huntress(lion hunter, paradox)
[68 max hunter(+27 bow enchant)+35 max arrow+(600 max dex)+30 max bow mastery+(200 dmg enchants)]*8.05 magnum*3.24 crit *1.15 arrow
Atlatl(conquerer, 67th), jousting long javelin
[[53 max atlatl(+65 enchant) + 25 javelin + (500 max str)+(200 dmg enchants)]*11 throwing atk+400]*3.24 crit

4sec cooldown and 99% accuracy isn't that bad too
would prob be stronger with master title


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    Bow Range has access to 50% damage from campfire.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
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    Does Spider Shot boost Throwing Attack crits?

    Also, what's Paradox?
    Never heard of that one.

    They should come up with an Atlatl that can have Piercing.
    Benefit a bit more from the piercing that 67th would give it.

    But I've definitely seen how strong throwing attack can get.

    But I've DEFINITELY seen how strong Magnum Shot spam can be with a really, really, really good combo card.
    And how fast it can be used by an Elf archer with Final Shot and Vision of Ladeca.
  • SharugamiSharugami
    Mabinogi Rep: 500
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    Elf Archer has the highest single target dps in the game with FS and Ladeca+Combo Card
    Next is probably FH :L
    Throwing attack does have a lot of potential but it's outdone by an elven archer ezpz.

    Not so much a human archer because human archers can't magnum revolver as efficiently as an elf.