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Can't access cash shop in-game on my main only

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edited July 20, 2017 in Technical Support
So I don't even know what the heck the issue is, but for some reason every character on my account except for my main can access the cash shop just fine. This started recently, though dunno when exactly, and it gives me this every time I try on my main...

I confirmed it's not an issue with my connection or settings as
1) ALL my other characters on my account can access it just fine
2) Internet explorer settings are correct as I can access my guild page and every other page that needs it in-game.

I've also cleared my character cache to refresh that, but it doesn't work. I've logged into both my steam client and the nexon launcher with both failing for my main.
A friend confirmed that they have the same issue and a friend of theirs as well, so having it fixed would be wonderful.