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I'm guessing Nexon does not care about botters


  • KroeneKroene
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    Raishii said:

    What am I giving myself credit for? That was an actual question that you chose to not answer, but rather call it dumb.

    I've accomplished everything I've needed to do today in my real-life, and I'm enjoying a relaxing Christmas Break until next semester. It seems the day is slow for you, since you choose to continue to argue.
    Oh, didn't realize you were serious about it. Still a dumb argument

    Dontcha think it's a bit lazy to rehash somebody's words?

    This is my thread. You're the one that came in to argue. What's your excuse?
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    " " Public Forum " "
  • KororeKorore
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    I'm going to be closing this thread as it has become back and forth arguing.
This discussion has been closed.