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Selling a ton of OP gear

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edited July 22, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
Hello milletians! Today I'm selling a set of equipment that you might fall in love with. All of this equip is sanctioned to be used together to maximize the potential of lance, knuckles and pretty much any combo ability for close combat with some mage peppered in for those long hard Fear runs. So give it a read and note me if interested! My ign is solemnvow.

[Chinese dragon armor ](

Rank 1 3 Lines of reforge with a 3 attack speed bonus. This armor is easily the second best attack speed armor in the game right behind the langhuris chaser armor. Although with final hit duration 19, seething champion enchantments and a max artisan roll it's going to be much more useful at nearly half the budget.
starting 40mil and auto-win set at 50mil

[Female kusina wig](

final hit 20 evasion total cooldown limit 20 . Rank 1 3 Lined engineer's chorus enchantments. A good pair of defensive and offensive reforges for any close combat oriented fighter, paired well with all weapon types. C/O: 15 mill, A/W: 31 mill

[Dark Knight Gauntlets](

Dark knight Rank 1 3 Line lance mastery 14 mana shield 19 gloves. expansive backbreaking enchantments. These gloves are almost purely for tanking with mana and garnering alot of damage for you sword of judgement lovers, as well as going charge strike mad on a boss and breaking its defence so you can take down even more of those annoyingly wall-like bosses in one-on-one combat! C/O: 15 mill A/W: 45mill

[Bat boots](

Solo hawk(perfect grade) enchanted bat boots. Rank 1 3Line spinning uppercut defence reduction 9 dropkick damage 15 charge max distance 16 fighter boots. These boots have some extreme capability for not only fighter, but also lancer. Mix them with a charge without shield accessory in pvp and you can go charge crazy just for giggles! this reforge for charge makes it so even though you knock them back with the first charge you can capture them within range for another charge and lance charge. A perfect pairing with the male tara armor I'm selling so you can not only deal out funstrikes on rangers but also lower their damage and use their high damage against them if they try to come in close! A/W: 27 mill

[Odd-Eye belisha puppet](

Rank 2 3 Line oblivion odd-eye belisha puppet. This puppet comes with the auto function to see dungeon orbs and a special action skill called "bolt out of the blue" superior to the normal belisha puppet in one way, bolt out of the blue has some extreme area and can stunt bosses and mobs alike for a good two seconds. Two seconds you could be using beating their faces with your weapon like appendages? Yep! A/W: 12 mill

[Merlin's Mana Knuckles](

step5 Rank 1 3 Line merlin's mana knuckles. Charge strike damage 12 pummel damage 20 sommersault kick daze duration 20. These knuckles will mess you the hell up in pvp aswell as daze for like...well, what comes after forever? Exactly. This charge damage mixes well with the male armor I'm selling in the way you can dual charge and deal some pretty massive damage, pull down all their defences with your sommersault kick and beat their faces with your...well...merlin's mana knuckles!

[Demonic Oculus Lance](
demonic occulus step 5 clean beyond max artisan. Rank 1 3 Line final hit minimum damage 13 smash damage 18 lightning bolt min damage 20. I'll tell you about this lance in great detail. You may be asking why even use lightning bolt minimum damage reforge? Well lightning bolt has a pretty high damage and it's minimum damage is sadly...terrible! I use the lightning reforge to quick cast a lightning bolt to stunt opponents aswell as do some pretty decent damage while going about it. The final hit minimum is good for final hit because if your minimum damage is high you hit constance which makes your piercing crits hit constance +2! I would reccomment this for fighting a raid dragon, or just going buck wild on a boss with heavy stander. Now for the piece of resistance, Becky lemme smash damage reforge 18. As you all know you cannot use judgement blade forever, so why not use a lance that can quickdraw lightning/stunt with it and smash anything to the moon? That's not saying this lance isn't equally powerful in pvp, think about smashing someone with this and then add about 18% to that smash and then multiply that 20k by forever because if you stunt them with quick lightning, have a charge without shield accessory and just mull them over/ you can do it forever like a real troll! Buy this lance and hate how strong you've become.

[Celtic Tribolt Wand](

Tribolt high success. 87% to max artisan step 5 with +4 chaincast. This wand cannot cast advanced magic, but it makes up for it by throwing a succession of 5 charges of any bolt you like! *firebolts preferred.*

[Tara Infantry Armor](

Tara infantry armor (m), reforged for lancers Rank 1 3 Line. Lance counter opponent damage reflection rate 19, Charge ranged damage reduction 17, and focused fist damage 8. This armor is amazing for pvp and pve alike, just imagine this for a moment...Because lance counter uses 200% of the opponents attack a 19% increase would be a wopping +38% damage increase! so imagine facing off against a smash and using this badboy when your opponent has about 1k ish max attack? Yes, alot of damage there combines with 230% of your max damage! The range reduction damage can really save you long range, if you charge you can deflect and pierce then combo them on knuckles without batting an eye at their -17% damage :3.

[Mysterious Permanent Equipment Coupon](

Mysterious permanent equipment coupon. The gist of this little coupon is that is can turn tails and other various times items into permanent items!

Again, if any of you are interested please note solemnvow on Mari server.