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Rag Doll Collision Lagg

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in Bugs and Glitches

Item- (animal name; Tiger, etc) Rag Doll
A)- Issue is a rag doll spawn collision issue. If a rag doll spawns, ( i am using a tiger, but any will work) and tries to attack something while a object is in the way, the rag doll spawns will lagg the host. The lagg will lighten but not be permanently gone when rag dolls de-spawn. In order for the lagg to be fully gone you must restart mabinogi. This may also effect anyone your in a shadow mission with. You will be able to see others attack and play normally as you are lagging, (unlike most lagg were everything appears paused, this will not appear as if everything is paused.)

B)- The steps that must be taken to create this issue is simply have a ragdoll collide into a object when trying to attack something. becuase all shadow missions are structured the way they are this can happen in any shadow mission fairly easily or unavoidably.

C)- I expect that the character to be unfazed by ragdoll attack spam or collision issues. The reason I feel for this to be so, is becuase these rag dolls are made for fighting in shadow missions. A majority of which have walls, collisions(mazes,walls, houses, etc) and attack-able spawns. Also due to lagging even after rag dolls dissipate. (even if its lessen drastically compared to when rag dolls are spawned)

- video of the issue, i believe anyone 100% will have this issue following these steps, or simply playing any shadow mission normally while using ragdolls for battle.

(steps taken to create lagg issue) - spawn ragdolls, introduce ragdolls to a penetrable wall from something a rag doll can attack.

Thank you for listening


  • LusisLusis
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    Having the same issue here. Please fix this issue asap!! I want to control my rag dolls. ;-;