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Life Exploration Equipment Bonus Display Issue

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edited December 23, 2016 in Bugs and Glitches
What is the Issue?
The text that displays in the 'Item Attributes' section of the Life Exploration tools (Life Exploration Cooking Knife, Life Exploration Fishing Rod, Life Exploration Taming Cane) is not displaying properly.

What steps must be taken to recreate the issue?
Mouse over the Life Exploration equipment of your choice (Life Exploration Cooking Knife for this example).
In the Item Attributes section, below the "Collect: Cooking Journal" (This will appear as "Collect: Fishing Journal" or "Collect: Taming Journal" for the Life Exploration Fishing Rod and the Life Exploration Taming Cane, respectively)

What do you expect to happen instead?
In the Item Attributes section of these items, below the "Collect: Cooking Journal" text, there should be extra lines of text stating:
Max Damage +##
Critical +##.#%
(the text will differ depending on your Collection Journal status, and for the Life Exploration Taming Cane, the Max Damage section will be replaced with Magic Attack)

Visual Evidence of the Bug:
(in case the html isn't working) direct link to image:

IGN: Teraschione
Server: Mari

Additional Information:
This is a display issue on the items themselves.
The bonuses the equipment receive from their respective Journals are still properly applying.


  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited January 4, 2017
    That's odd. They all appear to be working fine for me.

    Life Exploration Cooking Knife:

    Life Exploration Fishing Rod:

    Life Exploration Taming Cane:


    If you still have this issue when you play again...

    Delete your Mabinogi cache and see if that don't make a difference.

    Log off the game, close the client, and then delete the folder named "Cache" at the following location:


    When you run the game again, the Cache folder will rebuild itself.



    @Iyasenu ; and @Sabina (or whomever forwards bug reports)....

    When I first replied, I was not having this issue (as shown in my screenshots above), but I now have the same issue (ever since the server crashed on January 2nd), and clearing the Cache makes no difference. I noticed this earlier, but failed to report on it before falling asleep. ☺

    Life Exploration Cooking Knife:

    Life Exploration Fishing Rod:

    Life Exploration Taming Cane: