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"Music stands" suggestion.

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edited December 27, 2016 in Feedback and Suggestions
Basically, add music stands to Mabinogi's bard system.

Music stands could be bought from a General/bard store vendor like Waltar or Yvona. Each Music stand can hold 1 copy of a score scroll, and have a preset for which instrument, or any instrument it can be used towards.

The band leader who sets up the stands has to determine the rolls of each musician in the band, one such position is the "Maestro" who coordinates the band to play at once or at different intervals. Although it's not necessarily useful, the Maestro can enable special effects during the presentation based on different variables.

The reason why I'm suggesting this is that there is a huge difficulty in spreading out different parts of a song you wish to play. You are only allowed a maximum of 3 columns to apply notes to, and the "song" column is almost never used due to how obnoxious the voice sounds are. Music stands fix that, in a way the party leader can set up world objects to hold score scrolls intended to play parts that can't fit in the 3 column limit, and is user friendly.

The party leader can then pick up the Music stands, like a kiosk, and proceed with their day when finished.

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  • AlalaroseAlalarose
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    That's kinda similar to how the music box chair functions right? you put a scroll inside it and when used the scroll is played, kind of like that but with a choice of instrument?
  • BerrySwirlBerrySwirl
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    Interesting idea
  • mintielmintiel
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    When I read the title, I legitimately thought you meant stands named after popular musicians, like they have in JJBA. I was like "Yeah that'd be a great addition, I don't know what its purpose in Mabi is but if I can summon Killer Queen in the middle of a shadow mission, I'm not gonna question it."

    However, when I actually read it I was a bit disappointed.

    But I see your point. This would be a good addition instead of having about 5 people all on the same instrument. And I also agree that it'd be nice to have certain parts of a song covered by other instruments instead of squeezing it all on one scroll for one instrument, that gets so obnoxious sometimes