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Pet Slots Switched

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edited December 29, 2016 in Help
Recently my boyfriend bought a new computer and gave to me his old one. His old one was "newer" than mine, so yesterday I switched computers and used my external hard disk to move some games (too much download time, wanted to play) and there was Mabinogi too. I used this method to make the game available to my boyfriend (he didn't want to wait) and there was no issue. In fact, everything is perfect except for a tiny part: The Pet Window switched the position of every single pet I had.

I use the numpad to summon them and in the Number 1 I would always summon the last pet I created, in this case the S.S. Cotton Candy. Now if I press the Number 1, it summons me my White Tiger Cub, the first pet I ever created in this accont.

It happened to me, at least once, but it just "settled" by itself the next time I opened the game. This time it didn't happen. Is there a way to return to my previous Pet Positions? Is it possible to create a new pet and the positions just settle themselves? Or is there a solution, that isn't against ToS? (no idea if exist a non acceptable way)


  • AtheranielAtheraniel
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    Hey there, there is a solution in-game that I can provide you.

    1- Press "T" to open the Pet Information window.
    2- In the lower right corner of the window, click on the "Sort" button.
    3- The "Sort" window will be displayed and you will be able to change the position of your pets.

    It's a little bit tricky to explain in the post but the 10th position is the pet that will be summoned on the "0" number pad. Let me know if you have any issue understanding the function.

  • NekoLilyNekoLily
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    Oh thank you soooo much! (I switched the 0 numpad from summoning to opening inventory)
    I feel so stupid by not using that "Sort" button, never cared to understand what it could do