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[FWD] Schooldesk Animations Broken

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edited January 9, 2018 in Forwarded Bugs
a) What is the issue? (It may also be necessary to explain Why it is considered an issue.)
The musical notes and sleeping "zzz" aren't showing up anymore when you use the school desk chairs.

b) What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
Use Class Clown Schooldesk or Night Owl Schooldesk.

c) What do you expect to happen instead?
When using Class Clown Schooldesk a musical note animation should appear slightly above the character's head like they're whistling a tune.
When using Night Owl Schooldesk a "zZz" animation should appear slightly above the character's head like they're snoring while sleeping (similar to what happens when using any pillow).

Visual Evidence:

Broken Class Clown Schooldesk:
What it should be:

Broken Night Owl Schooldesk:
What it should be:

Extra notes:
- As seen in the screenshots my mini effects is off so it's not that affecting it.
- Please comment if this does or doesn't happen to you. If it's only me with this problem then it must be something wrong with my computer and this thread should be moved to Help or Tech Support section.

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  • KororeKorore
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    edited January 3, 2017
    I also do not see the music notes when using my Class Clown Schooldesk.
  • KatherzKatherz
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