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Squires Likeability can't be increased any further

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edited August 14, 2018 in Help
I got Logan to to 98% on Lvl 3 likeability, but my conversations won't level up his likeability. Do I have to do something to make it level up?


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    edited August 14, 2018
    At this point you should have received a Squires-specific quest. Complete it and you'll be able to improve Logan's likeability up to Level 4. You'll need to complete another quest for Level 5 likeability as well.

    Both quests should appear under the "Squires" tab in the Quest window. And to note, each squire has a set of quests that you'll need to do to improve their likeability to levels 4 and 5.
  • PandaninjaPandaninja
    Mabinogi Rep: 830
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    Thank you so much!