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Iria Saga help

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Can the Iria Saga 1 still be done? And if it can be done, how would I go about starting the quest line and episodes. The wiki only tells me how it was done in 2013, with an episode every friday. So, I'm a bit lost.


  • AeolysAeolys
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    edited August 31, 2018
    After looking at the wiki page, it says new episodes are released between two dates. All episodes are released so that information doesn't apply anymore.

    You can still do Saga 1 in the Saga Icon on your taskbar. It is the one with the movie clapper. When you open it, you will be on the second tab which is Iria 2 (honestly underwhelming and not as rewarding). Click the first tab (Iria 1) and you will see a list of all 10 episodes to partake in. It is recommended to play them in order and they are all done solo. If it is your first time doing the episode, all cutscenes are unskippable. Note the opening intro uses some strange audio stuff that blasts the theme music into your ears so be wary about your headphones/speakers.
  • ReneGamerReneGamer
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    Thank you for the help. I found it.