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Why do you play Mabi?


  • mikemillermikemiller
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    I began to play Mabi because i wanted a different game. I had played Elsword for years, but i just.. Wanted something more, like i could live in my own anime like life, where im the main character of a story. At that point in time i didnt really have many friends, and wanted to feel important. And when i logged onto mabi, i made many friends, and i've lived a life in it similar to that of an anime protagonist sometimes. Hell, i even RP usually on it for fun. The combat's addicting, i can do whatever i want, and i dont have to pay real money to advance! How cool's that? Anyways, that's why i like mabi, it gives me far more freedom than any other game. And because of it, i have my own fantasy life i enjoy living out in the game with many amazing friends.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    There is a reason for this thread. Lets give them back their confidence guys! More stories, no matter how cheesy or simple, POST 'EM! POST THEM ALL! Reawaken their raison d'être!
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Gaea wrote: »
    There is a reason for this thread. Lets give them back their confidence guys! More stories, no matter how cheesy or simple, POST 'EM! POST THEM ALL! Reawaken their raison d'être!

    FERGHUS! Get over here!
  • OpalthiraOpalthira
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    edited September 12, 2018
    Why do you play mabinogi?
    I have no idea.

    I came back like 2 or 3 years ago remembering that there was a music system.
    Just playing whatever garbage I could find on random websites.
    Some time later some one told there was an actual site for mabi with mmls on it.
    That same person invited me to go to concerts with them.
    Had a blast for about 6-8 months hanging out with people every weekend playing music.
    Decided to invest time into learning how to make songs in mml.
    Made few, but nothing all that great songs.
    At some point before MusicQ's release the person I did concerts with fell of the face of the earth.
    And concerts ended up dying. All the people i used to hangout with separated or quit the game.
    Now I just spend all my time afking, wondering what I should be doing.
  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
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    I originally started on March 10th, 2016 when my best friend in real life asked me to help her get flight during Doki Doki. Shortly after, she stopped playing and ventured to other games - but I didn't follow. Two days after joining I was taking the fish and items dropped by fishers on the island to sell to the general shop when I noticed a purple stranger asking if I was a noob.

    Later that day I joined their guild and made friends. Right after the 8th anniversary I met the love of my life. On top of this, I was making a lot of friends and having a lot of fun.

    Today, I run a guild of my own and live with my significant other after he flew across the country twice to meet me (the second time to pick me up). There have been good times and bad times but I wouldn't change anything. This game has taught me valuable life lessons and helped me build upon my character in many positive ways.

    I expect one day we will all move on from this game, but it's memory will live on in our goofy screenshots and our warmed hearts. I will never forget the good times that this game has to offer and I can't wait for the future!
  • NysephirNysephir
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    I play to keep check on my friends.
  • ChikuChiku
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    edited September 12, 2018
    I started playing Mabinogi in June 2011, when I was in a friend group of 5 and we all wanted an MMO to play together. One of them found this game and we decided to try it out. It took us a long time to learn the combat mechanics but I remember we eventually all helped one another beat g1-3, and spent a lot of time in either Tir Na Nog fighting zombies or Bangor of Another World. We would sit in dungeons for hours just talking or messing around. That friend group is what made Mabi enjoyable until about 2013-14, when all of them except me moved on from the game. From then on I played solo for two more years, mostly staying in Iria.

    I took a hiatus from the game from 2015-2017 in order to focus on college, and because I had nobody to play with now so it got pretty lonesome. I came back in December 2017 and a few days later I met a person who is now a very good friend to me, and later about 3-4 others that I still play with. This is when I really started playing seriously and leveled up/trained skills much faster than I did before. I spend more time on the game than I probably should but ah well..

    My biggest reason for staying on the game is definitely the nostalgia factor; it is the source of great memories and times with people whom I do not talk to anymore (since our old friend group is now disbanded). I'm a huge animal lover so the sheer amount of pets available is also a large appeal to me. Also the combat mechanics and the talent selection is pretty unique as well. I can see myself staying here for a couple more years and I am excited for the future content.
  • OmnicityOmnicity
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    Life Story Ahead

    I first discovered Mabi at the start of 2008. I was playing MapleStory at the time and was browsing the Nexon site when I saw that registration for closed beta started for some new MMORPG. Of course, I wanted to be a closed beta tester so I registered and ended up not making it in. I forgot about Mabi afterwards, but rediscovered the game the following year when the Pioneers of Iria trailer came out on the YT channel. From the POV of my 12 y/o self, this was the coolest looking game I'd ever seen, and I wanted to try it out. My PC at the time could just barely run it, and I didn't understand what I was doing, so after making a giant and running around for probably 20 minutes, I stopped playing. I guess you can say that I was too overwhelmed.
    Fast forward to 2011, I had been playing for about a year on EU with a friend. He got bored of the game and ended up quitting around June, so I stopped as well and deleted the EU client. My original NA account was hacked, so I made a new one and created a human. I proceeded to go to Vales for the support card, then made another giant that I'd end up getting to total 200 before becoming lazy.
    I'd come back a year later, play heavily on my human, meet a few people who would become my most important friends, and become completely hooked on what I still believe is the most unique MMORPG I've ever played.

    Why do I play Mabi? Or rather, why am I still playing Mabi?
    Short-term: I made a giant post-overhaul and found it more enjoyable than playing my human. Technically, I restarted all over again.
    Long-term: Nostalgia.
    There's just so much that has happened to me over the last eight years of this fantasy life, whether it be in Alexina or Morrighan. 2013, for example, was my most enjoyable year in-game; I joined a guild named Renascentia, that would go through two or three more iterations under different names, and had an absolute blast with them; I made plenty of friends, some that I still keep in contact with, and slowly came out of my shell as I was so horribly shy at the time; I had a relationship with someone that I never expected, and still treasure her as a close friend even after it ended; and I hit total 2k by December, a milestone that I personally didn't think I'd reach at the time. There's just way more in-between all of that, however, but I'd prefer not to list everything.
    Sure, by now I've burned bridges with former friends, had quite a ride of negative drama, and unfortunately reverted back to being a shy guy; however, the negatives still don't come close to outweighing the positives. Lately, just seeing all of these returning players is just one thing that keeps me going. Plus, there's still a few more goals that I haven't achieved yet:

    Get master in all life talents, not including Adventure, and get r1 in MC and HE.
    Become a Royal Alchemist and hold it for at least a quarter a year.
    Grind my bum off for Master Assassin talent. (Ninja grind too boring)

    Perhaps the biggest reason why keep playing is because of the music, and due to that is what makes Mabi and these last eight years so nostalgic for me. Heck, just playing the Saga version of An Old Story from Grandma on the piano chokes me up because everything floods back into my head.
    Hopefully, with some help, I'll have most of the OST transcribed into sheet music within the next couple of years.

    Thanks devCAT and Nexon
  • FeefeeFeefee
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    I came back and played and spent a lot of money;;;; because of the Re:Zero event XDDDD ;; And it's great because Mabi has so much freedom that you can almost do anything you want, so it works really well with all the nice character designs. Good job with choosing to do the Re:Zero collab o wo)b!

    But what really made me feel comfortable to play again is the support service seems to got a lot better. Nexon might be the first MMO company that actually turned around after falling down. Like a long time ago people always talked about how the support was terrible, they take years to answer tickets, and how Nexon was horribly mismanaging games, but at least right now I don't feel that way at all. Maybe I'm still in returnee honeymoon period, Idk @w @;; but I hope Nexon and the GM staffs keep up the positive impressions I have gotten so far!
  • CeuiCeui
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    Posts: 29
    I started playing Mabinogi during KR open beta. I played for two days and stopped after failing to kill the giant spider in Alby. What got me to really start playing the game was my visit to South Korea during summer break in 2004. I went out to some restaurant for family dinner and received Lorna and Pan DVD along with 7 day Premium Service. I gave it another go and I'm still playing the game.

    Over the years, while playing Mabinogi I met many people and saw many leave. There are many changes that I like and dislike, but ultimately, even after all the complaining I come back to this game. When I play Mabinogi, it reminds me of how the game was in the past and all the good and terrible changes that were made. I guess the reason why I keep playing the game is because of nostalgia.

    Personally, I think Nexon has been doing well recently. Customer service improved immensely compared to 2013, and the game is a lot more enjoyable thanks to frequent updates.
  • SkaidrojumiSkaidrojumi
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  • courtneyycourtneyy
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    Supreme_GM wrote: »
    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to ask a very simple question of everyone and anyone that plays Mabi and what keeps them coming back.

    Why do you play Mabinogi?

    I see a lot of people reminiscing in their posts (which is cool), but I will try to keep it short and sweet.

    I started playing in Aug/Sept '08, I've put a lot of money into this game, and it's the ONLY game I even consider putting money into now just because it satisfies my gaming needs.

    Every other /typical/ MMO requires you to pick a class or race and doesn't allow you to branch out. Not to mention other /typical/ MMOs have a click-spam type combat system or even a "we'll automatically walk you to the next quest" system. Mabinogi is different, it allows you to play the game however you want, and you have to consider each attack. It's so in depth. I'm always going to the wiki to look at exact figures or determine what I'll need when crafting or creating things. Even after all these years, I don't have everything memorized because there's just so much to know and learn.

    There's a lot of content I would love to see in the future, but no matter what I always come back to mabi because I know there's a dungeon, mission, or event waiting for me to take part in.
  • PannyaPannya
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    edited September 12, 2018
    because peria and mabi mobile are not finished, and maplestory 2 is still on eternal beta, and that is really stupid.
  • Jragon0Jragon0
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    I played Mabi because I wanted to play a MMORPG that I would like and I've gotten into playing Mabinogi. Stayed to play because I made friends and most still play and I couldn't get myself to quit the game. Fond memories of playing this game even when there's some rocky roads.
    Here have a meme.

  • SpkrSpkr
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    I see all the stories, and I'm gonna post mine as well, cause why not, there's a long journey that led me to this place. As a quick short version though (for those who don't wanna read the whole thing), I play still because it's become as much as my home and my family as the building my computer is plugged in to and the people I'm surrounded by. The people I meet, the relationships I've made, they're real, and they're amazing; and it almost seems wrong to be looking at any other style of game. The towns, the NPC's, the pets, the people, they've become something more than just a bunch of pixels on my screen. I love the freedom, and I love the friends I've made.

    Now for the long version! :D I'll be nice and put it in spoilers, so it doesn't take up half the screen. Be warned, there's a lot to read.
    So, to get my initial addiction to Mabi, we have to go waaaaaaaaaay back. 2008 kind of back. My high school friends decided I was dead weight after my ex and my friend started dating (who wants that situation, right?) so I got ditched on a level so hard, I had to blink for a few months to see what was actually happening. Incoming desire for friendship. I started looking all over for MMOs to throw myself into, as I've always loved video games and games with other people online sounded fun! I started with a small chat game, I don't even remember the name of it, and found a person on there willing to sit and chat with me, so I kept to it for a bit. Then one day, BAM blue screen of death. I still don't know if I got a virus from someone, or if the poor old thing just couldn't handle gaming life. Luckily, one of my sisters absolutely loved playing single player games and went and got herself a better computer, so we got to have her old one! I was so excited, but I was also scared of jumping back into a game that possibly killed the last one, so I started looking for more.

    I found a few random games, mainly chat based, but still kept looking cause none of them seemed right. Now, I've always had a love for equines, so when I was just browsing the web one day and saw the cutest little anime styled character rear up on a valiant steed and run off into the distance.... whelp. I immediately went to downloading Mabinogi. I had never played a game like it, the closest thing was Runescape but I never got into that, so I was as noob as they get. I don't quite remember my first few days of playing, I just remember teaming up with a couple who happened to see me wiggling around on their screen. The three of us spent a lot of time exploring and doing some of those beginner quests. The trip to Bangor had my head spinning as I still didn't bother to keep an eye on the map. Then one fateful day, I was alone again. I messaged my newly acquired buddies to see what was going on, and low and behold, I was told they had feelings for each other and wanted to be left alone... Just like that, because of yet again another relationship that was not my own, I was running alone again.

    I tried to play the game for what it was. I do remember logging on for the next couple days. I didn't bother talking to anyone more than I had to though, cause at this point it didn't seem worth it. It just didn't feel the same without that companionship though, so I told myself that this game just wasn't right for me. Even if it was cute and had adorable little horses you could ride. Then this chunky little knight spoke to me. He asked if I needed any help, and went ahead and aided me with some kills for a quest or two. He was well geared, so I assumed he was just helping the little newbie in the slender robe because my character probably seemed as lost as I felt. He ended up being really fun to talk to, so we spent the rest of that night together. This knight's name was Xaeok.

    If I continue as I have, I'll legit take up the page, so we'll go over the bigger details.

    I had found out the night that Xaeok ran into me was his first night logging in to the game. It seemed kind of fitting, considering it was about to be my last. We spent so much time together, and he stayed up so late with me every night despite having to work in the morning. I ended up going on a routine of 5am - 12am on Mabi, sleeping for 5 hours, and back on the compy at 5 again. Xaeok opened my eyes again to the fact that yes, some people can be .... horrid... but there's still good out there if you bother enough to let it in. Not long after our initial meeting, he told me he truly cared for me. I made him wait a bit, 3 months to be exact, but I told him I did care for him too. We spent so much money not only in the game but also on each other, getting him to come visit me. We were across the country from each other, so that was no small fee. We finally decided enough was enough, and we wanted to truly be together, so on my visit to see him, we made preparations for my move.

    I have been with Jonathan since October of 2011. We got married June 10th, 2014, and had a baby on October 4th, 2016. I would have never met him had it not been for this silly little MMO, so I feel I owe a lot to this game. We've been through difficult times, but with him by my side, it's been a journey I'm happy I set out on in the first place. Sadly, the game became "too anime" to his liking, but I never really stopped playing. I believe about 8 months was the longest break I ever took. He just started playing again though, due to me wanting to play an MMO with him again and him seeing my dedication to it, so it feels even more like home. I hope it never ends.

    There are so many amazing people I've met on this game, I don't know if I can ever quit. There's so much of my personal history invested in it, and even though it could use a major overhaul, I think I will continue playing for as long as the servers are running.

    To all the coming years, may you bring joy to the lives of those who choose to play.
  • SoseonoSoseono
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    edited September 12, 2018
    I play way back then when mabinogi was beta and had to quit because my internet was lagging which gave me the rubber band effect. I play for 2 month and I cannot progress through boss fight because of the rubber band effect. So, I decided that it is time to quit. After a while I heard about a game called Megami tensei online where it was an exact copies of Mabinogi combat style. I play the beta of that game but decided to quit that game as it lack Mabinogi style of game play. I went back to Mabinogi but I found out that my account was used by some CHINA gold Spammer. Who some how hacked into my account and use it for some Spamming action and now it was banned. I tried to recover my account back but I was told Banned account is not recoverable. I decided to make a new account and play for awhile. Later, I decided to play FFXI when it came out and put Mabinogi on hold when I'm not playing FFXI. After 3 week not playing Mabinogi, I couldn't login into my account anymore. I eventually found out that I got banned again since CHINESE hacker used my account for the same reason, Gold spamming. I decided to quit for real. After years later, I decided to make this account again to re-enjoy the game I never actually play fully.
  • nibblesthecatnibblesthecat
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    edited September 12, 2018
    I'd been looking for a real fantasy life game with multiple paths. I was waiting for True Fantasy on Xbox, but that project got cancelled. Tried WoW and several clones, can't play them anymore without getting sick since my eye surgery, and get supremely bored by the 'click and watch' combat with no strategy. I initially tried mabi when the age and appearance changing things looked like they'd go well with the kind of game i was looking for. This isn't quite what i'd had in mind, but does come closest.
    There's plenty of things that could be improved -- the dungeons are still boring and the rewards not worth the effort, the lag, so on, but the rest of the game is relaxing to poke around in.
    There's that.. and the guild really keeps it alive for me. When we're done with the storyline quests, we make up our own to keep things interesting.

  • PlatinaKokiPlatinaKoki
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    Why? It's simple.

    This game is unique.
  • SyaohartSyaohart
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    edited September 13, 2018
    Memories, uniqueness and it's literally the only game that can hold my attention for hours on end. None of the other MMOs, MOBAs or BRs can keep me entertained with or without companions present. /(˃ᆺ˂)\
  • AstralBlueAstralBlue
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    Because I have too much free time and nothing to do.