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Why do you play Mabi?


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Jragon0 wrote: »
    I played Mabi because I wanted to play a MMORPG that I would like and I've gotten into playing Mabinogi. Stayed to play because I made friends and most still play and I couldn't get myself to quit the game. Fond memories of playing this game even when there's some rocky roads.
    Here have a meme.


    The English and Chinese isn't matching up in that meme though.
    The Chinese part says, I treat you like pearls and treasure, you treat me like water weeds.
  • DreadhawkDreadhawk
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    edited September 13, 2018
    I originally came to Mabinogi from a browser MMO called Dead Frontier. a friend of mine and guild leader of an allied guild had left the game abruptly and the only clue to his whereabouts was the name of this game. Not knowing if it was even the right game, or which server he may be playing on or what his character was named, I dove in and began my search. I spent maybe a week before I gave up looking for him but not before I actually enjoyed playing the game. My heritage somewhat forced me to appreciate Celtic lore so I was interested in following the storyline.

    Then, not long after G3, in 2009, I met my significant other. It didn't take long for us to connect, and within just a couple months we had met face to face. Then we lived together. 9 years later, and we've just celebrated our 8th anniversary. I don't play the game much anymore. I'm almost 12k total with most skills r1. Casually working on gransmastering everything. I mostly just play for the events/crossovers and to spend time with the s/o.

    Edit: Miraculously, I DID manage to run into the friend I was looking for... almost 3 years later. Playing as a giant with a name similar but not the same as the other MMO. At that point it didn't matter though, lol. Miraculously, he was on Tarlach, and on the channel I frequented!
  • KanaflowerKanaflower
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    I play for the customization and fashion of the avatars! :3 <3
  • kairisoadorikairisoadori
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    edited September 13, 2018
    simple events content and overall game itself no other mmorpg works like mabinogi or comes even close to your quality you may not be the best when it comes to the server side but when it comes to the world you created i love every moment i spent all 20 years almost ive been coming back for your events honestly the reason i play mabinogi is because i would rather not be anywhere els this game the lore the characters and the events is why i come back ive beaten the game gained all the best gear and have i would say i have billions in clothes alone and no other game has such a diverse and expansive economy like this to play over the events make f2p users very doable even now as i make mills the same way a day on alexina why i believed being able to spend my surplus gold on nx vs buying trash from other players be a better way to fuel the economy
  • ShaeliShaeli
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    edited September 13, 2018
    I started way back in 2008 on the first day the game opened after the betas ended. There was nothing else like it that gave you complete freedom on how you wanted to develop your character (there still isn't) and I got hooked right away.

    My life is drastically different now; I have far less free time, and I've lost my drive to keep striving for more power, considering any equipment/enchants worth using are unaffordable for non-whales now, and the last few skills I have left to work on are the worst skills to train EVER, but I can't quit because I've sunk too much time and effort into the game to walk away. -_-
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    I suspect because Nexon copyrighted the Rebirth System. :p
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
    Mabinogi Rep: 34,745
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    I suspect because Nexon copyrighted the Rebirth System. :p

    I bet all those Isekai manga authors copied rebirth system :p
  • RheyRhey
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    edited September 13, 2018
    I suspect because Nexon copyrighted the Rebirth System. :p

    I bet all those Isekai manga authors copied rebirth system :p

    Disgae already did rebirth way back b4 it was cool. :p
  • KaruMaruKaruMaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 885
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    For me, as silly as it may seem. I can't exactly remember when i first started playing Mabinogi, so i will say more than 6 or 8 years now(which is ironic since I didn't join the forums for a while). I know it has been a long while.When i first picked up the game i played with my cousin and we made some friends during our early time playing. Believe it or not i started on Alexina before i moved to my home server Mari. Honestly when i first started, I didn't know what to do. I died a lot ( we have all been there right?) Trying to do quests were a chore, especially when you had to wait for the moon gates and mana tunnels. Mabinogi is like no other game i have played, even though there are some games that offer something similar in a way. They don't hold a candle to the joys, (even irritations too) pain, friends and fun that mabi has given me. I love being able to log in do events, hang with friends or just start on a goal for the week or however long it will take. With all of the time and effort i put into my character I don't think i'll ever drop this game especially with the awesome friends I made.
    CrimsọnKensamaofmariJazmyn[Deleted User]
  • AquasolAquasol
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    Member, Volunteer Forum Moderator
    I joined in probably April of 2008, after the end of Open Beta, but before G1 started. What drew me in were two things: Blue hair, and potion spam. Why are these important?

    Well, at the time, a lot of MMOs coming out didn’t have much in the way of customization, let alone even allow for players to use different styles of combat without needing an all new char. So even the meager selection of hair and colors back then was still quite rare.

    Visually it also had a real charm, looking like an early Dreamcast game, but able to run on most anything. I knew someone in Mari who had a PC running Win’98 who still managed to

    A lot of games also had timers on potions, forcing you to wait while you traded blows with an ugly excuse of a wolf. Mabi was one of the few to not only do away with that(meaning you -could- survive a mortal series of blows with some luck and timing), but its action-focused style meant your hit mattered, and so did the enemy’s, so everything was kept very fast-paced and streamlined— reflected even to the minimalist UI approach, which kept a lot of elements from cluttering the screen.

    The players and fashion, not to mention devCAT’s committal to really letting someone live their fantasy life and express themselves, really kept me coming back, and still do.
    Jayy124KensamaofmariCrimsọnDrognakVaughan[Deleted User]eikoden
  • CrystalizerDiaCrystalizerDia
    Mabinogi Rep: 750
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    Around the beginning of May, this year, I was searching up Muse:Project but in Chinese and then searched it up on Youtube. (Not Lovelive, a Rinzz Game) Apparently, I saw some Jam Sessions from Mabinogi that was probably some years ago but looked recent. Falling in love with these videos, I started to find it more and more on my recommendations. Eventually, I saw a MusicQ Trailer thing (Chinese) but in Part 2. At the end of the video, it revealed the name of the game.
    I've then searched up Mabinogi and then realised that it was availiable to download in Australia. I was really happy and then decided to download it, knowing that the main reason that I play Mabinogi is related to Jam Sessions.
    The combat to me, is really cool lol! You know the 10th Anniversary BGM right? This one just brings the feelings of when I heard of this game and stuff- That's why I play. Lol. TARLACH MARI SERVER-
    Jayy124KensamaofmariJazmynCrimsọn[Deleted User]
  • aeternitisaeternitis
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    I play Mabi because I "volunteered" for the Mabinogi Project in which I am subjected to certain psychological experiments monitoring brain activity when exposed to repetitive activities that are rewarded with a small endorphin boost via intangible rewards.
    JazmynCrimsọn[Deleted User]Kensamaofmari
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 17, 2018
    deleted, leaving the forums.
  • ShoogShoog
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,535
    Posts: 883
    A friend bugged the heck out of me to try the game back around spring of 2009 because he said it was fun to create and play music scores, among other things. I had never played an MMO before so Mabi was my first to try. After playing it for about a month, I eventually quit because it became frustrating for me. I had no idea what I was doing. My character was so squishy and I was a pro at dying to the lamest critters/monsters. A few months past by and my friend convinced me to try the game out again since he kept talking about this amazing guild he had joined and how it's members were very friendly and helpful. I joined the guild too and thanks to their help I started to understand how to play, got better with combat, and quickly got hooked on Mabi.

    My goal in the earlier years of play was just to make my character as strong as possible, hoping to surpass my friends/guildies, but then reforges and other OP combat related stuff were implemented into the game. That started to veer me more towards fashionogi (especially when the dressing room released) since I would rather put my gold towards something more guaranteed. The dressing room got me addicted to collecting for it and that's pretty much what I've been doing for the past few years. I rarely do any combat these days due to moving to another state and have been stuck on a wifi connection that has a bad delay lag. So, I mainly log on for the social aspect, afk/non-combat type of events, and to keep collecting for my dressing room.

    I can't believe I've been playing this game for almost 10 years. I've never played any other game in my entire life for such a length of time.
    CrimsọnJazmyn[Deleted User]Kensamaofmari
  • CallantheCallanthe
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,110
    Posts: 31
    I play Mabi because it's a MMORPG that doesn't feel like the usual MMO. I't not the typical "you're level 40 so here's the area for level 40 characters to grind, oh and have a couple quests to kill 20 goblins". I like the freedom to craft my own character and the ability to switch between skillsets whenever I want. I appreciate the emphasis on the RPG part - Mabi has a really decent story for an online game, plus all those smaller things like life skills or exploration complement the gameplay. And, of course, I love the ability to play and compose music :)
    And no two characters are identical, you can customize almost everything - armour, weapons, fashion, skills, etc.

    I'm not sure when I started playing to be honest, but it was back on the old EU server.
    CrimsọnJazmynDrognakVaughan[Deleted User]Kensamaofmari
  • roseangelroseangel
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    Posts: 22
    Started playing around the time with G3 came out. I saw an ad for it in the back of Shonen Jump like many a young weeb and fell in love with the music, storyline, and the art style. I was embarrassingly bad at the game, but I loved exploring and talking to people. I took a long hiatus a little after Iria came out, but got back into it in high school.

    Mabinogi has a very special place in my heart because it's so different. From the aesthetics to the storylines to the different skill sets, mabinogi sets itself apart from many MMOs. Even with its problems (oh God, its problems), I keep coming back because a lot of other games just don't measure up. Idk I hope that all made some kind of sense lol
    CrimsọnJazmyn[Deleted User]Kensamaofmari
  • JazmynJazmyn
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    edited September 15, 2018
    After reading all of these stories, I've come to the (possibly incorrect) conclusion that we all play Mabi, because Mabi ruined us (in a good way) for all other MMORPG's due to how awesomely, in-depth, and different the skills system is from the generic MMORPG.... ;P

    Keep the stories/reasons coming! <3
    VeylaineKaruMaruDrognakSpkrVaughanCrimsọnJayy124[Deleted User]SaiKensamaofmariand 1 other.
  • MuaaMuaa
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,045
    Posts: 13
    Why do I play Mabinogi? mmmm....
    Because.. because many things, but i enjoy Mabinogi is not based on fixed classes like every single game around today, instead is skill based you can mix the way you feel when you want and if you want and i love it ...but this is not enough... i play because i can progress doing funny nice things, having fun and playing with friends or alone... instead of spend 90hs a week harvesting like a slave for experience points killing 20 rats per quest ... in the other hand.. is where i find my friends and is good just listening their voices every day, or reading their crazy daily stories along guildchat... so... is not only because one single reason, there're many ... but guess is about free fun gaming and good friendship into a nice place/world/universe we picked to live in.
    Regards Muaa.
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 18,715
    Posts: 2,818
    I play Mabinogi for many reasons; because it's different than most MMORPG, the story interests me, the music is amazing, the gameplay is endless, and most importantly, I have many friends who play with me.
    JazmynKensamaofmari[Deleted User]
  • BalkeBalke
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    I started in January 2016 so I'm by all means new in comparison to a lot of you but all that means is I was late to the party. This is the first MMO I've gotten seriously into and I outlevelled the friend who got me involved a long time ago (15k~/2k~); and at first I didn't want to get involved because the game looked "stupid", well two or so weeks later and I relented, I downloaded and made a character and now nearly 3 years after the fact, I'm still here.

    Specifically though, the way combat and skills are handled is really nice, even though the game is from 2003-2004 it still has a charm to it graphically, and content can be really fun to run. I was big on trading in Team Fortress 2 so the market was a nice touch too; and I haven't done it in a while, but composing is fun to do, I actually love making music for people to play or listen to.

    I've met a lot of cool people that I talk to frequently, including my girlfriend (yesterday marked a year that we've been together), and I've introduced the game to other people too. I'm generally here to stay, this game's too sentimental to me to quit for good. So people I run into in Dunbarton will still have to listen to my really bad jokes, but hey sometimes they're good jokes, I promise!