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Erg Uncap Manuals (Cylinder / Knuckles)

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edited September 18, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
Currently the manual to create the "Lace-Layered Skirt" for the Cylinder Erg process is locked behind a Secret Shadow Mission. These passes are extremely hard to come by which makes farming for this manual even more tedious as it is locked behind 2 layers of RNG. In addition, the manual for the "See-Through Cocktail Dress" for Knuckles previously existed in gachapon that are no longer available.

These need to be more accessible as many of the manuals for the other weapons are obtainable in the new purification raids that drop quite frequently. They need to be added to the new raids as obtainable rewards or in other areas of the game that can be purchased.


  • TropaTropa
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    I noticed one of the new purification missions from a pattern for a dress used in Erg(Appron I believe), wouldn't be a bad idea to add in the patterns for the Lace-layered dress and See-through cocktail dress into them.