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Alchemy Crafting (Revamped Mana Crystallization)

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edited September 20, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
Change: Mana Crystallization can crystallize almost all magic spells (Bolts, Intermediate, Advanced with limits) using arat crystals as a medium.

Alchemy Crafting uses magic spell crystals to make useful tools for non-magic users:

Mines of different types, made from Trigger Mechanism (Hillwen Engineering) and Magic Spell Crystals. Anyone can use them, but they require a tiny bit of MP to prime.
- Fireball Mine
- Ice Mine
- Thunder Mine
- Wind Gust Mine

Arrows with small but useful payloads. Anyone that can use bows can use these, again they require a tiny bit of magic to prime.
- Arrow that creates a single Barrier Spike on impact with ground. Uses Barrier Spike crystal.
- Brightly burning arrow for use as flare. Uses Firebolt crystal, Lightning Bolt crystal, and Zinc.
- Obvious Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow.

Other things are possible: Crude Grenades, Hand Bombs, Arat Goggles, Mini-Golem in a can, Hydras in a pot for homesteads. I'll be back to fill out this suggestion.


  • YangKoeteYangKoete
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    All of these are great. Some extra ideas;

    Alchemical Oil; Use it with a cylinder and spew it on the ground, then set it on fire. Made with cooking oil/honey and an earth gem.
    Elemental Golem Crystals; Water = Ice (Slows enemies), Earth = Steel (Stronger defensively), Wind = Electricity (Ranged electricity spells.), Fire = Magma (High damage.)

    Also, can we craft our own fireworks with this?
    Gunpowder's easy to make, just combine that with paper and another object to get a design and boom; Fireworks.