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"Gummy Bear Robe Set" and "Gummy Bear set"

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edited October 12, 2018 in General Chat
I almost fell for it i thought it meant same thing
after all the "Gummy Bear Costume" which is the main part of the "Gummy Bear set" is worn as a robe
maybe im just thinking about it too early since we wont get it for more than 2 weeks yet

but ill just post this here as a reminder or something for those that may want to get it and accidentally ignored it thinking they already have it

(or maybe im wrong and its just a typo)


  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 23,875
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    Unless we see pictures, I'm just assuming it's the same thing we got last year as a Halloween hot time reward.
  • EraleaEralea
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,465
    Posts: 748
    Yeah, they normally hype up new items/rewards by posting pictures in the announcement posts.

    There's no pic, so I also took that to mean that it's the old gummy set that we got before.
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    No new slots in the dressing room either.
  • noobodyzxznoobodyzxz
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,515
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    edited October 25, 2018
    today most people probably have 300 points right now
    and could afford the "gummy bear costume box"
    so i as wondering if anyone already bought it
    and post images of it here?
    just to confirm if its same to the one we already have

    wait costume box??
    not robe set im guessing its same thing (but please post pictures of it for confirmation)
    so maybe i was wrong(or maybe i was right that its a typo)

    (tip: if u did buy one of this gummy bear costume dye it with pure black, this will turn ur coustume into a creepy gummy bear shadow silhouette, that completely camouflages you to a black background )
  • MizukiHayamaMizukiHayama
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,465
    Posts: 185
    Unrelated (kinda), but did not want to make another post :3 and this one is about an item in the event. Am I the only one that thought and hoped that the Wraith Robe had the cool animation presented on the announcement banner QwQ?