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Ruairi Halloween GM Event

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edited October 30, 2018 in Vault
Ruairi's GM Event is kicking off. Solve the riddles to locate each of the GMs. Remember you must post all of your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or the forums with your in-game name, server, and the hashtag #MabiHideandSeek.

We will be editing this post with the new riddles, so keep an eye out!

First Riddle:
"The final resting place of the ancestors of an old watchman."

Second Riddle:
"Some say you can hear the sound of musical chords and harmony here, if you're not afraid of what lurks in the sea."

Third Riddle:
"This beach used to be the central hub for ships. It hosted several events as well, like the Summer Beach Day Event. It was soon deserted after G15."