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Alexina Halloween GM Event

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edited October 30, 2018 in Vault
It's time for our Halloween GM Event!! Solve the riddles to locate each of the GMs. Remember you must post all of your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or the forums with your in-game name, server, and the hashtag #MabiHideandSeek.

We will be editing this post with the new riddles, so keep an eye out! Please note we will be in channel 3 only.

First Riddle:
"Supreme is shipwrecked and dressed as a giant Elf to fit in with the natives."

Second Riddle:
"Amongst the fog and rain, beware of the ghosts and zombies that roam this mysterious place."

Last Riddle:
"This town was once a fortress, but it is now known as the City of Alchemy. You can find me by going to the easiest victim in this town."