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Turn off Bachram Boost Flash

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in Help
I was wondering if there's a way to turn off the flash from Bachram Boost since it triggers me.
Mini Effects doesn't seem to affect it. Is there maybe another way?
I also have the same problem with Shuriken Charge and Act 7: Climatic Crash, but I can avoid those by not using ninja nor puppet, however I cannot avoid the Bachram Boost. I hate having to watch the Batchram gauge and covering my eyes when it gets very close. I would even settle for an option to not having a boost at all.
If there's no way I'll probably make a suggestion for it in the Feedback And Suggestion section.


  • Raincloud95Raincloud95
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    It hurts me eyes. I'd love to turn off the flash. I had hoped turning off critical flash would do it but it does not.
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