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A few questions from a casual

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in General Chat
So, I haven't been playing this in a long time and now i mess around casually.
But there are a few things that I don't particularly understand.

0n the memory quests, there's one where you need to go to Tir Na Nog.
So, all fine, I went to the pink hair chick at the church. Asked her how to get to Tir Na Nog and... she tells me "oh you're going there again, even tho its dangerous." Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it.
I don't get a pass for the barri dungeon to Tir Na Nog and honestly I don't have a clue why.

Another question is:
What is the point of that "Nascent Divinity". Like, don't get me wrong, the form looooooooks super cool.
And that's where the positive stops.
I don't see any reason why I'd ever use that skill other than showing off. And the almost 1 hour long cooldown doesn't help me want to use it either.
Like Paladin or Beats transformation give a major stat boost and higher defenses ==> that's why you wana use it( as well as a heal and temporary invulnerability frames).
Demigod gives you increased movement speed :3, increase regeneration skill, access to some strong defensive or offensive skills. And ofc, allows you to use brionac to shave enemy's defenses off.
But the nascent divinity locks you down to just its skill set and crusader skills. Like seriously I don't see the point of it.
And I'm curious if it does have one (besides looking like amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiing for a few minutes).

Thanks your time.


  • starkiller1286starkiller1286
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    I had the same problem for some reason you need one of the following titles equipped :
    The strong
    Slew a bear at age 10
    The golem slayer
    Slayed bear bare handed
    Slayed bear in a single blow
    Slayed golem in a single blow
    Ogre slayer
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited January 5, 2019
    You need to wear certain titles (Golem Slayer, Bear Slayer in a Single Blow, and so on but NOT Succubus Slayer) AND be level 25 or higher, current level not cumulative level.
    So if you're freshly rebirthed, go level up to level 25 or higher before trying to get the pass from Kristell.

    And Nascent Divinity is mostly a tradeoff.
    You get no stat boosts, unless you wear Eidos, special equipment specific to Divinity's form.
    Its basic attack skill is a timing-based attack similar to Giant Full Swing, where it's a guaranteed crit every time with the proper timing (And becomes AoE with proper timing too).
    Nova Obliteration is an incredibly powerful AoE nuke that's useable once per transformation (due to cooldown limitations), being even more powerful if the power gauge has been built up through use of crusader/basic attack skills.
    Crusader skills get boosts in the form, too.
    Shield of Trust grants you a temporary HP shield on top of your normal HP.
    Celestial Spike gets stronger (though... even then its best use is just to build up your power gauge)
    Judgment Blade gets a wider area of effect.
    Also you get stun/knockdown immunity while in Nascent Divinity. If you have decent Def/Prot to avoid getting dogpiled (or use Shield of Trust to tank), it basically lets you ignore an enemy's onslaught while you take them down.

    Also all the Crusader skills becomes yellow instead of blue. That's also a thing that happens.
  • EnaEna
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    i think the same as OP but better see though the end when u have equip all eidos to max and tell us again what u think about it
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    Nova Obliteration can pretty much clear out any dungeon/SM room barring boss monsters. Its a feat that not even Meteor and Bachram explosion can claim. Even if you use it on its lowest power, its still enough to clean basically any room in anything you run. On that point, the entire transformation is actually made for you to build up Nova's power to its max. Shield provides you with time and protection to use the normal attack, spike lets you build up charges without needed to time it, and blade is if you have weaker enemies around to use it on (each kill from blade adds a charge).