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What pet to get to lvl 200?

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So I basically have 3 pets i'm interested in but only 1 glimmering fruit so here are the pets:
1. Fantasia Scooter Imp - because of the aoe debuff (I would like to know how much it debuffs per count)
2. Smiling jack - also because of the aoe debuff and ranged attack (I don't know if this debuff is as good as scooter imp, anyone know?)
3. Kokopo - because it looks nice :D (I haven't found much info why people say it's very good)

Note that I want to do it at age 1, and i'm constantly running the new dungeons (hence why i'm thinking a debuff pet)

So what do you guys think? and what are your reasons?


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Smiling Jack would probably be a good choice.
    Its debuff is its own type, so it would stack with other sources, like Bone Dragon's, Mir Dragon's, Spinning Uppercut's, etc.
    Aside from the protection/defense lowering part of its debuff, it also reduces enemy movement speed.

    They're all good in their own way of course.
    The Scooter is also a fast mount with a debuff that stacks with other different debuffs, but the scooter is probably more commonly used than the Jack, so having a Jack around when someone else is using a Scooter would let you stack the scooter debuff with the Jack's.
    The scooter's debuff is -12 def, -6 prot at 1 stack, and -20 def, -10 prot at 5 stacks.

    Kokopo is good because it's a fast mount with great stats like HP and Strength. It doesn't have a passive debuff, but it's the only mount among these 3 choices that's two-seater instead of just one.
  • XafnirXafnir
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    So Any info on how much Jacks debuff does? since it's not a stacking one should I assume it's as good as 1 stack of the scooter imp debuff + movement slowdown?