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Sealed Briogh Marble not accumulating - stuck

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Not sure if others are having the same problem?
My Briogh of Discipline is at 800/1500 but not matter how many repeating quests I do - daily, glenis quest, etc, I'm not getting any more points! This has been happening for ..a week now. Is it cuz of the maintenance? Was I suppose to have it filled before maintenance?
The other 2 brioghs accumulated fine and are done..


  • GiegueGiegue
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    The Briogh Marble was only meant to be filled before the release of G22 last week. Once you've gotten far enough in G22, you can use the Marble to accumulate the Briogh for yourself to use with Techniques.
    It is simply a little booster, so you haven't missed out on much. Just be sure to use it before it expires!