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Revamp of race and class

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edited January 26, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
I think Mabi need more race.
Coz get a Elf (Focused for Magic and Lucky), Giant (Focused to Strong and Will) and Human (Balance); but i think is good get a new race by Mabinogi, like Gnome, Imp or Demons, Nekomimi, Lizardman, Fairy, Faun, Beastman (except Elf and Giants are coming Avian and Bigfoot or Wendigo respective and coz u need use a Dreamcatcher by use transform, but i wish a character to can trnasform a WereCat or Werewolf without that item), Dark Elf, Orcs etc.
I know mabinogi are inspired in Celtic Mytology, but can expand the universe with more class. more coz i thing Mabinogi Heroes A.k.a Vindictus, and Mabinogi Duels, A.k.a Duels of Summoner get much other class or species avariable and only get only 3 classic.
Mabinogi need a Revamp Species.

And need add new Talents or Class like Engineer, by build mechs, coz in Mabinogi Duels lets see a cinematic about many characters mount a mechs, logic not be a super giant mech, but can design a mechs by move, attack and use SuperSpeed or send a regen skill like refresh or repair.
If like add mechin Mabinogi, well, design and inspire with Final Fantasy and with the famous Mechs called MagicTech, logic not a copy, but be usefull in combat. And get own skills.
Other new talent is Fencer by use a rapier weapons and Reaper by use Scythe weapon and get own skills.
BeastMaster by control animals, (logic with DarkKnight get a skill by domain beast and with a tool and ammo speciality inlife skills thinking is theonly need to be BeastMaster, but i mean like domain and capture by use in future combats, and maybe use skills related ofevery mobs, logic cant domain a BOSS mobs or Raid, coz is broken, like the beast master in Maple Story.
Samurai with a katana swordand get own skills by use.
Berserker (logic i not mean the skill) coz is awsome see a player can regen HP per every hit a enemy with a specific weapon,and use own skills.etc

Maybe, if add it stuff, can add more interesting to future players.
I guess...