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RNG got me again/ Unlucky General

Mabinogi Rep: 530
Posts: 18
in General Chat
Just a general thread to complain about being unlucky I guess.
Thing that inspired this topic is recently trying to special up one of my weapons. Did not go well. After 20 stones and tons of gold the thing is currently at +1 because I failed every single time trying to take it to +2.
Who knew that 50% rate could be so brutal.
Anyway share your unlucky run ins with RNG. Lets share the pain.


  • BobbioBobbio
    Mabinogi Rep: 750
    Posts: 62
    Honestly when I got it to +3 I just used two lucky red's, before that I tried to do it with regular but wasted like 25 reds to get it to red 4 and then all the way back down to red 1 due to greed.
  • Gaby5011Gaby5011
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,965
    Posts: 714
    Used 6 or 7 (lost count lol) protect stones on my staff before getting s6....
  • QnaugQnaug
    Mabinogi Rep: 495
    Posts: 24
    its a 50/50 u get it or u don't... can't complain, u can even fail crafting paper crane at 99% so this is nothing
  • Al_CidAl_Cid
    Mabinogi Rep: 840
    Posts: 16
    Its not a 50/50 if you are on the list
  • OfeliaOfelia
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,500
    Posts: 35
    edited February 21, 2019
    having tried countless times I can agree its not 50% not even 45%
    I have a gospel cylinder that went from 0~6 blue stone no problem
    thinking this was my lucky day I was like YEAH!

    celtic tetra cylinder time! 10m gold later and a zillion red stones later r0

    It's based on the same logic that enchanting above rank 9 is based totally on RNG
    I stopped using notorious/divine powders because 15% at rank 2 is the same as using a elite powder at 11%

    you have no clue how many times I enchanted a rank 7 es only to "Huge Fail" Enchant protection ... surly it cant do it twice in a row "Huge Fail" -14 Durability ...... 0/0 tetra ..plat hammer 1/1 ....failure...0/0 golden hammer 1/1 ...failure.....

    totally got sidetracked ....

    in short......the tetra is a cursed object in game and should be avoided