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Did you made any mistakes when you were a newbie?


  • TetosanTetosan
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,035
    Posts: 54

    My biggest newbie mistake started with spending $10 on a gacha and getting the rare reward out of it. My friend Maya really wanted a Pierrot outfit, so I spent an hour trying to figure out merching in Dunby and selling the item to buy a Pierrot outfit for her. This really OP giant came up to me, asked if I was selling it, and told me how merching worked: "We trade and I give some of the payment to you in the trade, and you give me the item. I go to the bank a few times and trade again cause you can't carry much money at once, and give you the rest then in pure gold. Everyone does it like this, I'm leaving if you're so noob you don't do it like this too"

    I give him the item, he gives me like 80k gold....and then goes into the bank and logs out. I realized I was an idiot and got scammed, and panicked running around asking if anyone could help me. Some nearby merchs saw it happen, had a good laugh, then taught me the right way to buy/sell in Dunby. Few days later I was walking around merching with holy water grinding and buying/selling HW in my shop, and saw a major merch on Alexina running around transforming into animals. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, met Shamala, I am LOLOL.

    note: Whoever put Ruwai as a Forum Avatar choice, I love you long time!
    I feel you, my biggest newbie mistake is similiar but shorter.

    It's basically having spent money on ANYTHING in this game.
    It's sad looking at the probably 3000$ worth of NX i could've used wiser....
  • ShouKShouK
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,735
    Posts: 824
    Lol I guess I can count me buying the nimbus and bone dragon package when I was just a few days (or weeks? don't remember) in the game as a mistake then because I want more inventory space so badly and pets that can help me in dungeons. Then as I play I realized you got inventory space and pets as you play longer, through events..............there's no need to spend even 1 penny in this game. Back then I thought it's impossible to get more inv space and pets without spending real life money.

    I never regretted buying the nimbus and the bone dragon though because they actually help me a lot to progress but that first spending leads to another and another..I got addicted to buying nx and spent $90 (if I remember correctly) already in this game. It may not seem a lot to some people but converting the dollars to my local currency I could've bought a good 4 games with that. I have never spent this much on a game before, let alone on an online game. And I'm unemployed too lol
  • CinnabunCinnabun
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,740
    Posts: 64
    My biggest mistake was getting a puppet theatre outfit from the gacha and selling it for 1m(pls don't kill me l know i was an idiot D:). At the time I played as a male and had no interest in fashion and i thought getting 1m meant u were rich.....
    I just focused on grinding skills, not to mention I was completely clueless of how market shops worked :/ well I kind of am still clueless of prices but not as bad now.
    I still regret it to this day since I've been constantly looking for one these last few months.
  • MichiMichi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,845
    Posts: 90
    My character was really spread out when I started the game. I didn't know how to rank Pally skills earlier in the day... I skipped the earlier generations like G1-3. I think my main struggle was upgrading items properly... like I went for defense instead of protection for my armor etc... I still make upgrade mistakes today LOL but is all trail and error rip
  • Karin_TaoriKarin_Taori
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,365
    Posts: 25
    edited January 24, 2017
    OH my, WAY~ back in the Generation 2 Era i was a noob and decided to try one of the gachas out. (I think it was the warrior one? Adventurer gacha?) And i got Dustin Silver Knight Armor. Being the complete noob i was i just threw it on the ground since i thought it was useless and didn't look as cool as it sounded.

    Anyone who was playing back then would know the value of that armor during that time. *mental cringing intensifies*
  • nevyn25nevyn25
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,135
    Posts: 667
    back when I started playing, I made the common mistake to ignore wm training until it was too late to start training it. I still make mistakes sometimes, but mistakes are good teachers
  • XiokunXiokun
    Mabinogi Rep: 11,100
    Posts: 887
    My biggest mistake was trying to make a warrior elf who only fought with transformation. Never again.

    NEVER. AGAIN. #giant4Lyfe
  • ClefClef
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,200
    Posts: 35
    edited January 28, 2017
    I died and forgot to pick my Hooked Cutlass when it dropped. It was a good weapon back in the day :(
  • SontoriSontori
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,530
    Posts: 6
    edited January 28, 2017
    I got the Royal Knight Armor from some eweca orbs. Then I did an enchant burn with it, hoping that I could eliminate the currentt enchant on it. Should have known that throwing good equipment in a campfire wasn't the best idea.... Also lost my favorite shield when I tried to enchant it with a higher enchant scroll. Didn't think you could lose your equipment if an enchant failed.
  • YuechiiYuechii
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,045
    Posts: 44
    Dropped my wings in belvast, Crashed, but logged back on quick enough before they were gone...-halfcry- 'u'
  • TsumikkiTsumikki
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,200
    Posts: 102
    edited February 2, 2017
    Well the most recent mistake... I got rid of my Tribal Bird Robe pattern due to no time for the shiny gold threads, not realizing they would be available from the dungeons after the event... Now every time I see the new threads dropped... it's just too painful. ;_;
    - I didn't know that there's no need to kill all the enemies in the dungeons to progress, namely in those 4 switch and locked door rooms, and mimics just can be touched while horseback until the key is found.
    - I didn't know about the character cap of lvl200, was stuck on some role-playing mission in the storyline and thought "oh no, it will only get worse after lvl 300", so a lot of not-fun and silly deleveling was had.
    - I didn't know about shift+click and how it makes your pet into a missile with unlimited range. Now that would be super helpful a bit earlier! Thank you, my accidental finger memory from Terraria. :'D
    Yup, things like an elf character with privatized Thames Helm he can't even wear or accidentally selling something nice and tiny like gloves to NPC definitely happen sometimes... I also used a doll bag as a dungeon pass once and it was returned to me the same day I cried about it, just how crazy is it? Thanks again for the help.
  • BuffalosBuffalos
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,795
    Posts: 797
    When I first joined I didn't want to rebirth because I misread the information on it when it was presented to me. I thought that rebirthing would set my levels and all of my skills back to zero. Got bored two months in, accidentally hit the button, and then felt like a moron for skimming that text like I did.
  • TinyTimPoroTinyTimPoro
    Mabinogi Rep: 720
    Posts: 14
    edited January 29, 2017
    I started this game in g6 (2nd year game was open in NA) my biggest mistake was venturing so far away from tir back in the days when i had no pets and had to walk an hour it felt like to go back to the begginer quests
  • TinyTimPoroTinyTimPoro
    Mabinogi Rep: 720
    Posts: 14
    DCdeus wrote: »
    In my current character i didn't make mistakes, i already had enough experience to do everything well, on my first character i did a lot of stupid things like eating almost everything to keep my stamina bar full, my character was really fat xD , later someone told me all i had to do to solve that was finish a few generations to get a pally trans.

    Sad thing later i found out with hunger is changing channels raises it back and doing it enoigh put u back to full. Wish i knew this back in the day since this also works with hp wounds and mp and just stam itself
  • QmikoQmiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,145
    Posts: 66
    When I first started about 2 1/2 years ago, I learned that I could set up a shop and sell items to other players. What I didn't learn was that you actually had to DEPOSIT the merchant license into your bank tab to get the gold on it. I assumed it automatically got deposited into my bank when someone bought something and I would just drop the licenses with money on them on the ground. I was also too dumb to not notice that my bank tab balance was not going up. Eventually, a friend saw me drop a license on the ground and asked what I was doing, that was when I realized that I was throwing away money.

    I would have to say that I lost maybe somewhere around 7mil by this? That's not too much gold these days, but back then as a newbie that 7mil would have helped a lot. ; 3;
  • MitsukoMakiMitsukoMaki
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,240
    Posts: 15
    I think my biggest mistake was well, being a young merchant in mabinogi I really didnt know pricing all that well. So when the meryl wig came out, I sold it for 1mil. Biggest mistake ever. (Same thing aswell, I got like good stuff. then sell it for cheap XD)

    - Please dont ever do this young merchants, CHECK BEFORE YOU SELL -
    - the wise Mitsu-chan