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Possible Cat's Paw System Priority Drop Bug

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Has anyone accidentally picked up someone else's drop from the green kiwi? Had someone complaining earlier, need this to be confirmed.
Usually whether in parties or Shadow Missions and priority isn't yours, it'll say, "I can't pick this up, it belongs to someone else."
It didn't say that for me, and the battle happened so quick, it was hard to tell whose it was.
Since it didn't pop up with the error, I naturally assumed it was mine.
Considering I've never been one to do raids unless it's an urn spawn, I'm not entirely certain they had any right to complain.


  • AeolysAeolys
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    edited March 17, 2019
    Sounds like they used the ye olde raid boss system (also known as the normal monster drop rules). Which is "whoever hits the most times gets the kill and thus all the loot and the lion's share, if not all, of exp". Everybody has the right to complain (back then and today) but not to you, but to this stupid loot system and we should be thankful for the new raid boss system where everyone who contributes get something. Why design the event to be like this, the devs probably used the first raid boss template they could grab. But it is likely they don't know a spit of game design in a MMO (*stares disapprovingly at the tiny silvervine patch*).

    Also, if a dropped item is left on the ground long enough, it becomes a free for all. There is no reason for a scatterbrain to complain if they leave an item behind.