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11th Anniversary Thank You Winners! (Mabi Vote)

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Hi everyone!

We wanted to announce the winners of the 11th Anniversary Thank You Card Contest. Our team had such a hard time picking between all of the entries. After much thought and consideration, we decided to add an additional winner to the Mabi Team Vote. Congratulations to all the winners and stay tuned tomorrow for the community vote!

Even if you did not win today, please remember that this was also a way to say thanks to those who have helped you in your Mabinogi journey <3.

-The Mabinogi Team

Aarkos from Tarlach

Yorumy from Alexina

Cottonchan from Alexina

Bubuzor from Ruairi

Meyki from Mari

Taffyta from Ruairi
sectoujiAmyliaCJCottonchanYummeiSphyra21MeyHeramyCrimsọnTaffytaWolfsingerand 2 others.